Learning about Dental Care for Kids at Tooth Princess Dental Clinic

My latest struggle with our one-year-old was toothbrush time. 😊 Yes, we always fought when I needed to brush her teeth. She cried, ran, and did everything to escape Mommy and the dreaded toothbrush!

I tried different strategies — pretending the toothbrush was an airplane trying to get inside her mouth or saying that the toothpaste tastes like Chocolate. But I ended up frustrated! That’s my life with a toddler! 🤪

Fearing that I was not able to brush my daughter’s teeth properly, I told my husband that it was probably time to seek the help of a real-life tooth fairy — the dentist!

Being a millennial mom, I Google searched for a pediatric dentist based in Quezon City (yes, my hubby doesn’t like long drives very much so I had to find a dental clinic just near our home). My net searching brought me to a Facebook page owned by Tooth Princess Dental Clinic. It’s located in Scout Fuentebella St. in Quezon City so it was just a 30 minute drive away from our home!

The clinic is owned by the friendly dentist Dr. Annaleah P. Adorable or Dr. Pia. 😊

Inside the Tooth Princess Dental Clinic, you will really feel that it is child-friendly because putting the dental chair aside, it actually looks more like a play room than a dental clinic. 😊

There are many toys and books to entertain the kiddie patients before and after the check-up or dental procedure.

Tash enjoyed playing with the toys while Dr. Pia was still giving me a briefing. 😊

But more than the kid-friendly ambiance of the clinic what I appreciated most as a young parent was Dr. Pia’s very detailed way of educating me about how to properly care for child’s teeth. Here are what I got from this dental visit:

  • Proper way of brushing my toddler’s teeth
  • Strategies on how to brush the child’s teeth if the toddler is crying or trying to escape
  • The right toothpaste to use
  • How using feeding bottles for too long can cause teeth problems for l children
  • Why it’s best to transition my child from using feeding bottles to cup
  • How lessening formula milk intake and eating more solid food can be good for the child’s teeth

It was like  Kiddie Dental Care 101 crash course for a newbie parent like me.

After the briefing, Tash finally sat on the dental chair with me, of course. Daddy was our supportive photographer. The Tooth Princess Dr. Pia gave Tashy’s teeth the cleaning they deserved.

Of course, our toddler cried because it was her first time to experience dental cleaning. 😊

And since Tash was brave enough to finish the cleaning and check-up, the Tooth Princess gave her a sticker, star stamp and a toy! 😍

Til our next dental check-up, Tooth Princess! 💜

For those who wish to visit the Tooth Princess Dental Clinic, please set an appoinment with Dr. Pia. Below are her contact details.

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