KinderCare Ultra-safe Baby Wipes: Wipes with Absolutely Zero Harmful Chemicals

Honestly, all baby wipes looked the same to me. Being a first-time mom, I must admit that I bought any baby wipes brand that was conveniently available in the nearby store, and I got whatever was the cheapest among the available baby wipes brands. Why would I care too much about baby wipes when I just used them to wipe baby’s poop? 😅 💩

What I didn’t realize was that the substances found in these baby wipes actually kiss my child’s skin!

We all know that a child’s skin, especially the skin of newborn and toddlers, is highly sensitive.  If we’re not careful with what we use on our children’s skin, chemicals in the wipes may trigger allergic reactions.


Studies, likewise, suggest that permeation of a substance through the skin is possible, depending upon a number of factors. So though we can never be 100% sure if substances on baby wipes will be absorbed by the skin, as moms, we’re better off avoiding all known harmful chemicals on the products used by our children.

Though almost all baby brands in the market nowadays claim to be natural or organic, that doesn’t mean that the baby wipes are 100% chemical-free.  It might be an OC thing to do, but next time you check baby wipes brands, look at the contents at the back of the packaging.

My millennial hobby which is Google searching led me to read articles that discuss harmful chemicals on some baby wipes. You may check out an article from here, as well as this study from  Below are some of the chemicals which may cause irritation on a child’s sensitive skin:

  • Phenoxyethanol – is said to trigger conditions such as eczema and other respiratory health problems
  • Malic acid
  • Propylene glycol
  • Tocopheryl acetate
  • Methylchloroisothiazolinone/methylisothiazolinone – a common cause of allergic contact dermatitis

Based on online articles I’ve read, these ingredients may cause no problems in general, but children with sensitive skin may react to any of these chemicals. But then, why would we take the risk if there’s an option of using a product that doesn’t contain any of those harmful chemicals?

Good thing I learned about Kindercare’s Ultra Safe Baby Wipes.  The brand’s claim is “Absolutely Zero Harmful Chemicals”.


I felt and smelled a sheet of Ultra Safe Baby Wipes, and I was confident that it really has absolutely zero harmful chemicals.  Unlike other baby wipes brands we’ve tried, Ultra Safe Baby Wipes by KinderCare does not have a sticky, slimy feel and it doesn’t have scent.


After one week of using it on my toddler, I must say that it’s very gentle on my daughter’s sensitive skin. 😊 No rashes or other skin irritations!


How much

And the best news for a practical parent like me is that this super safe wipes come with a price that practical parents like me can afford to pay. 😊


Ultra-Safe Wipes 25’s – Php 69.90

Ultra-Safe Wipes 80’s – Php 129.90

Ultra-Safe Wipes w/ plastic cover – Php 139.90

Ultra-Safe Wipes w/ tub – Php 219.90

Ultra-Safe Wipes 10’s – Php24.90

Pack of 6 80’s wipes (for online shoppers) – Php715 plus shipping fee

Where to buy

KinderCare is available in the following stores in Metro Manila:

Robinson’s Department Store Ermita, Robinson’s Supermarket Ermita, Robinson’s Supermarket Otis, Robinson’s Supermarket 168, Robinson’s Supermarket Cloverleaf, Robinson’s Supermarket Pioneer, Mart One North Edsa, Metro Market Market, Ever Commonwealth, M1 Guadalupe, and Sta. Lucia Department Store.

I’m so happy that, since KinderCare Ultra-Safe Wipes are available in Robinson’s,  I can buy them too from HonestBee, my favorite grocery shopping buddy nowadays (watch out for my post about it)! 😊

Aside from baby wipes, KinderCare PH offers other amazing baby products. Check out their products on Facebook and Instagram.

KinderCare Ultra-Safe Wipes Giveaway Contest

Blissful Blooming and KinderCare are giving away a set of KinderCare Ultra-Safe Wipes to 2 blooming winners! Here’s how to join the contest:

  1. Follow
  2. Follow
  3. Like this IG post about KinderCare Ultra-safe Baby Wipes and tag 3 of your (real account) mommy or daddy friends in the comment section.

Announcement of winners will be on September 30, 2018. Last day of entries will be on September. 29, 2018.

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  1. divine labbuanan-cabral says:

    wow!!!! hope to win para masubukan namin ni baby❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Hope to win for my newborn baby

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  3. So informative. Would like to try too!
    FB: Rhea Alvar Alvarez
    IG: @rhea_a_alvarez

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  4. Cris vergara says:

    Wow sali po ako 😊

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  5. EmCel Fajardo says:


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  6. Geraldine says:

    Thank you for sharing Ms. Gwen, Ms. Omni also discuss it to me.. not all organic and paraben free are safe for our baby, most specially i have a baby girl and i need to take good care her genital areas

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  7. Anna Cyrile Oliveros says:

    Absolutely zero harmful chemicals hmmmm… i need to try this one bcoz on all the baby wipes that can be found on the supermarkets and baby fairs, there’s only one brand that didn’t really give my babies a rashes and im using it since 2012. If ever i didn’t win im gonna buy na lang to try this hehehe.. blogs these days really helped a lot of moms like me to discover and learned about new things. Thanks momshie Gwen ☺

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  8. Thank you, everyone. Always happy to share new quality baby products I discover. 🙂 Please check out our Facebook or Instagram page on September 30 for the announcement of the 2 blooming mom winners of the Ultrasafe Baby Wipes gift pack.


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