Bikes with no pedals from Kiddimoto

Ever heard of bikes with no pedals? 🤔 Yes, there’s such a thing! 🚲😎

Kiddimoto, UK’s original balance bikes, have no pedals but for a good reason. Without any pedals or stabilizers, Kiddimoto’s balance bike teaches children the key balancing and control skills needed to seamlessly progress to pedal bikes. 🚲 Their bikes can be used by children as young as…18 months old! 🤩

During Kiddimoto Philippines’ launch, I was reminded about the importance of active play for children. Nowadays, it’s convenient for us parents to just let our kids play online games and watch online videos using gadgets. However, our little ones will miss out a lot of benefits that active outdoor play offers. Active play is good not only for kids’ physical health but also for their mental and social wellness.

An exciting and adventure-filled form of active play is driving a bicycle. Aside from being a fun form of exercise, riding a bicycle teaches kids balance, coordination, focus and many more.

Kiddimoto Philippines

Kathleen Chua of Kiddimoto Philippines talks about the concept of balance bikes

Balance Bikes or Bikes with No Pedals

While there are a lot of bikes for kids in the market day, Kiddimoto offers a special kind of bicycle aimed at helping little learners learn the concept of “balance” at an early age. A balance bike is a bike with no pedals and no stabilizers, making it a really simple platform for a child to develop strength, coordination, balance and confidence. Children who ride bikes with stabilizers learn how to pedal but not to balance, so have to start a lengthy learning process all over again when the stabilizers are removed.

I’m thankful my two year old Tash was able to test drive Kiddimoto’s balance bike during the launch. She was scared at first but eventually enjoyed riding the balance bike.

Kiddimoto balance bikes are suitable for 18-month-old toddler’s right up to 6-year-olds. From as early as 18 months, children learn by walking/running while sitting on their balance bike. As the child grows confidence, they begin to free wheel by lifting both feet off the ground. Once they begin to do this they have started to gain balance skills.

Aside from bikes, Kiddimoto offers 3 wheeled scooters perfect for outdoor play.

Safety first

Riding a bike with no stabilizer may sound scary for any parent, but the makers of these balance bikes, of course, know that safety of the kids is a priority. Thus, Kiddimoto offers safety accessories like helmet and gloves.

Where to buy

Kiddimoto balance bikes and scooters are available at Toy Kingdom. You may also order online at Follow Kiddimoto on Facebook and Instagram.

With other mom bloggers during the Kiddimoto Philippines launch

I hope our kids will have more active play time outdoors. May your families have an enjoyable summer! 🌞

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