Lhiezle Creatives Makeup Artistry

Want to know one of my weaknesses? It’s honestly my inability to do my own make-up. 🤦🏻‍♀️ As I don’t want to get stressed whenever I need to attend a social event or a photo shoot, I often opt to seek the help of an expert — the hair and makeup artist aka HMUA. 💄 And we moms should agree that it’s rejuvenating to be pampered and beautified by a pro once in a while. 🥰

So in case you also don’t want to stress yourself doing your own makeup for an event or you just want to be pampered with a relaxing makeup sesh, let me share my experience with the HMUA I got for one of the photo shoots I attended this year.

Lhiezle Creatives Makeup Artistry, owned by professional makeup artist Lhiezle Garcia, did a great job and gave me a naturally beautiful look.

I loved how the makeup looked natural for an outdoor shoot.

The best part was that my makeup lasted until evening, even when I got all sweaty during the photo shoot.

Lhiezle was also very professional when it comes to service. She came early in the morning for our photo shoot despite the fact that she came from the South and I was from Quezon City. Plus, she had a complete makeup setup that turned our room into a salon.

Lhiezle Creatives Makeup Artistry offers hair and makeup services for special events like weddings and birthdays as well as photo shoots.

Check out Lhiezle’s makeup portfolio on Facebook or Instagram.

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