Laundry Tips for Busy Millennial Moms

I have to be honest. I’m no pro when it comes to doing the laundry. When I was single, I honestly had somebody-else do the laundry for me. While I willingly did other chores like home cleaning and dishwashing, I never attempted to do the laundry as I felt that it would consume too much of my energy. Haha!

True enough, doing the laundry is energy-consuming. When I embraced family life and motherhood, I had no choice but to embrace my little family’s load of dirty clothes. Since we have no household help, I need to live by the mantra “No yaya, No problem”. And so… I have to include doing the laundry in my ever growing mommy to-do list.

Determined to be a labada mom while being a work-at-home mom, I had to think of ways to simplify my laundry work. Just like any amateur in the housekeeping department, I relied on a few laundry tips to make my domestic life a little bit less energy-consuming . So I’m sharing this list to my fellow newbies in the “Labada Mom Club” and my fellow busy millennial moms.

Tip # 1: Do a strategic schedule for your laundry session

Being a work-at-home mom, it’s hard for me to do the laundry when there’s a client following up on your urgent reports and responses, a toddler demanding for your undivided attention, and a list of household chores waiting to be accomplished. After months and months of going crazy, I realized that life will be less crazy if I know how to do strategic time management. For me, I had to do the laundry on a day when demands at work are few. Laundry day should never coincide with my deadlines at work.

Pick a day in your week with the least things to do. Make that your laundry day.

Tip # 2: Involve the hubby

Not that I want him to be “under the saya”, but I just want my hubby to share the joy (and of course, the burden) of seeing dirty clothes magically turn to sparkling clean ones. Haha! Seriously, involving the hubby in doing the laundry (or other household tasks) offers benefits to the family.

For us, laundry time is a form of “date”. Well, pathetic as it may sound, but we find quality time when we do the laundry together. 🙂 Plus, laundry time, when done with hubby, becomes a session I look forward to than a session I want to skip. With two people doing it, laundry work becomes faster and easier, leaving us more time to play with the little one and do other

Tip # 3: Make the most of washing/drying time

Time is always gold for every mom. Good news is, when you’re using a washing machine, there’s a lull time during washing and drying. Put this lull time to good use. For me, I try to focus on work when the clothes are still spinning inside the washing machine.

Use the lull time to do short tasks like washing the dishes, polishing your nails, googling for your child’s birthday suppliers, bathing the child or watching Netflix (Oh, sorry this is a long task).

Believe it or not, I edited a video while doing the laundry.

Tip # 4: Remove stains with items inside your home

Here are some of the newbie labandera stain removal lessons I learned through the years (4 years to be exact):

  • On the night before I do the laundry, I check all clothes for stains. I then put a little bit of baby powder on clothes that have grease or oil stains.
  • When our toddler writes on her clothes, I use hand sanitizer to remove ink stains. Just apply a small amount of sanitizer to the ink stain. Wait for 5-10 minutes before washing.
  • I learned this from one of the foreign blogs I’ve been reading before. Thanks to Google! To get rid of yucky underarm stains, I apply a baking soda/lemon juice mixture on clothes. I let it dry under the sun before washing.

Tip # 5: Choose your detergent wisely

Your choice of detergent is a big factor in making your laundry life easy. Good thing I found a detergent that works effectively in making clothes not just clean but also smelling good.I’m glad I learned about the all new Downy detergent from my mom tribe, Millennial Moms PH. Millennial moms, especially those who are new to the “labada moms club”, need a detergent like Downy.

Downy detergent has a cleaning formula that can make yellowish clothes look good as new and perfume boosters that ensure long-lasting freshness of Downy scent.

So though I am not a veteran yet in the laundry league, I can make my family’s clothes clean and smelling good all the time. 🙂

There are two nice scents to choose from: Sunrise Fresh and Garden Bloom.

Another good news is Downy detergent is budget-friendly. The smallest sachet (43 g) costs P10, while Jumbo sachet (70g) costs P16. For long-term use, you can buy a small bag (680g) of Downy detergent for P145 and the big bag (1410g) for only P295.

No need to give up on the energy-consuming laundry work. Remember, there’s nothing thrown our way that we can’t handle with wit and patience…and the right detergent. 🙂

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