Readpro Center for Literacy: Helping parents encourage kids to love reading

When I was a child, I loved reading books especially when I read them with my Mom or Dad. Back then, it was easy to love books because there were limited forms of kiddie entertainment. Hello, Batibot babies!

Now that it’s my turn to be a parent, I love telling stories to my little girl. Though she’s still a toddler and can’t read yet, my hubby and I try to slowly build her interest in books.

To be honest, it’s not easy to encourage a child to look at books when there are other more “visually stimulating” options like online videos and interactive apps. But of course, we all know the benefits of traditional reading and we want our children to reap those benefits someday. So how do we encourage our kids to love reading? Where do we start? Are we starting too soon? Are the books we buy for our little ones appropriate for their age? How do we address reading difficulties of school-age children?

Parents nowadays are lucky that there are many resources within reach. One reliable resource is Readpro Center for Literacy, a Makati-based formal reading center.  Readpro offers individualized programs that have been proven by research to be effective in teaching Reading, Reading Comprehension,  Writing, as well as Math.

Individualized learning programs at Readpro Center

Providing reading assessments and individualized programs since 2010, Readpro has been helping students from ages 3 to 12 years old develop and strengthen their literacy skills.

Students start with an assessment that will help identify their level in terms of literacy skills. After assessing the needs of the students, they are given lessons that are tailor-fitted to their unique needs.  Moreover, since the instruction is one-on-one, there are ample opportunities for in-depth teaching and learning in every session. Most importantly, all programs are implemented by Readpro’s highly trained reading specialists.

Readpro’s child-friendly center is located at 120 Amorsolo St, Legazpi Village, Makati City.

Parenting Talk on How to Encourage Kids to Love Reading

With its commitment to share professional knowledge to parents and interested individual about effective strategies for reading and comprehension, Readpro will hold a talk called “Parents, How to Encourage  Your Kids to Love Reading” with “Spotting Reading Difficulties” on October 19, 2019, Saturday, 4:30 pm, at Fully Booked BGC, Forum 4F, Bonifacio High Street.

The speaker is Ms. Jennifer Castillo, Founder and Center Director of Readpro Center for Literacy.  She has been in the field of teaching students with reading and comprehension difficulties for the past 12 years.  She took up her Master’s Degree in Special Education at De La Salle University.  Teacher Jen, as she is fondly called by her students, is passionate about growing readers, putting to good use the science behind reading and  changing how people view dyslexia.

This talk is a good opportunity for parents like me to learn.  This is especially helpful to parents of school-aged children who need an extra boost when it comes to reading.  Let’s make good use of the resources around us to help our children become the best they can be.


Learn more about Readpro by visiting its Facebook page.



12 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m thankful that my kids, especially my eldest are into books. She prefers them over toys. This looks like a fun event 🙂


  2. My daughter was into books even when she couldn’t read yet…. kaya i’m a hoarder of books. Ngayon nababasa na nya!


  3. I used to buy books when my son was in toddler years but when he entered grade school, ayaw na niya. Napagod na yata sa kakabasa ng textbooks. But how I wish he will read books again.


  4. Leira Pagaspas says:

    Guilty ako nga hindi hindi mahilig magbasa ng books ang daughter ko. I have learned to pick my battles with parenting as long as she’s healthy and happy and then i’m ok


  5. Glad to read this! I’m starting to establish my son’s reading habit on a daily basis. The best time is before I drop him off to school, we spare kahit 5 minutes just to read one book then baba na siya papuntang gate. We are doing it for a week na, and so far I can see na nag eenjoy siya.


  6. momi berlin says:

    i love reading stories to my boys. nakikita ko naman nag eenjoy sila. with our three grown up boys , nasanay din sila sa bedtime stories and now, majilig silA lHAt sa books and pag aaral.


  7. Maj Life says:

    Youngest ko mahilig sa books.
    Especially pag morning. I read her.
    Shes 2 and mas mabilis nia maalala mga words


  8. MomNessly says:

    Would to try this too for my child. His interest in reading books is growing and I hope to give him more options and help him explore better. Wishing I could join the talk if the schedule permits.


  9. Peachy A. says:

    My kids are also into books! They love it when I read it to them.


  10. amethystineblue81882 says:

    My eldest is a bookworm. It’s really important to train them early because reading is a foundation for learning. We use the EPIC app and of course we have a mini library at home.


  11. Janice says:

    Reading is one of my advocacies. I hoard a lot of good books to encourage my kids to read. Good to know there are centers out there that have reading programs too.


  12. Emiliana says:

    I love reading as well. And my love for books has influence my daughter.


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