Discover your child’s gift at Promil Four Talent Development Center, Kidzania Manila

Every child has a gift.  Every child has a talent.  It is the parents’ responsibility to help the child discover and nurture that gift.

This was the reminder I got from the launch of PROMIL® FOUR’s Talent Development Center at KidZania Manila. One of the many ways by which parents can guide their kids in identifying their unique gifts that would unleash their full potential is by letting them join Promil Four’s talent development center.

At the talent development center, children undergo the Spot the Gift test to know their unique gift or gifts. It’s an assessment to identify the child’s strengths and interests.


“PROMIL® FOUR’s Talent Development Center is our way to help parents discover their child’s interests. With the guidance of their parents, the goal is to make every child nurture their gifts and keep them motivated through activities that will help them bring out the best in them.,” said Jocelyn Lacida, Wyeth Nutrition Marketing Director for Premium Lacida.

“At KidZania Manila, we believe in inspiring children to use their unique talents and creativity to help create a better world. PROMIL® FOUR’s advocacy is in line with our mission to empower this very same generation of children – our future thinkers, innovators, and leaders – who will shape that vision of a better world and bring it to life,” said Ikey Canoy, KidZania Manila Content Manager.

With over 90 role-playing activities at KidZania Manila, children can explore its mini-metropolis and try the recommended jobs for themselves based on their Spot the Gift Test results. They can visit PROMIL® FOUR’s partner establishments, including National Book Store’s Bookstore & Art Studio, Star Magic’s Acting Academy and Star Music’s Music Studio.


And yes, I was lucky to try one of the establishments that help kids discover and nurture their kinesthetic and musical gifts.  I joined the kids (and some moms) at the Star Magic Acting Academy, Creating Kidzania’s Finest Performers! We had a very instant dance number at the Dance Kids show. 🙂


During the “rehearsal”

Judges say their opinion about our dance performance. 🙂


It was a fun and motivating experience. Kids nowadays are just so blessed they can have fun while discovering and honing their gifts through role playing at Kidzania Manila.





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