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Relieving my baby’s dry, itchy skin through Aveeno Baby

Skin care for  baby is one of my concerns as a first-time mom.  Knowing how sensitive my child's skin is, I'm very cautious when it comes to products I apply on my baby.  Honestly, I also easily get alarmed when I see even just simple changes in my daughter’s soft and smooth baby skin. A… Continue reading Relieving my baby’s dry, itchy skin through Aveeno Baby

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Home Safe Home: Childproofing Products from Dreambaby

As a first-time mom, I wasn’t aware of the need to “childproof” our home. I didn’t even know that such word exists. 😊 I never thought of it until my sweet little baby Tash turned into a toddler who likes to walk and run around the house, grab every little item on her way, and touch almost… Continue reading Home Safe Home: Childproofing Products from Dreambaby

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Blooming Mom Talks: Baby Skin Care Tips

Congratulations to Mommy Mariza Evangelista for winning Blissful Blooming's recent giveaway contest "What advice can you give a first-time mom about taking care of a child’s skin?" We're happy to feature her answer in the blog's first "Blooming Mom Talks". These baby skin care tips are based from our featured mom's experience. 🙂 Moms know… Continue reading Blooming Mom Talks: Baby Skin Care Tips

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Baby food recipe: Butternut Squash and Apple

The trying hard kusinera mommy strikes again! 🙂   Since I gained a little bit of confidence from my first two culinary attempts (Read about my Pork Chop with Potato Marbles and Garlic Butter Shrimps experiment here), I thought of trying my luck at taking baby food preparation to the next level. By "to the next… Continue reading Baby food recipe: Butternut Squash and Apple

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Munchkin Mesh Feeder for baby

At 8 months, Baby Tash loves eating fresh solids. Today, we made her taste one of my favorite fruits, Melon! 🍈 Since I'm guessing that Tash is already teething (she bites almost anything now), I decided to use the Munchkin baby mesh feeder we bought at Baby Company a few months ago. I cut the… Continue reading Munchkin Mesh Feeder for baby

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Organic Baby Food Jars from Earth’s Best and HiPP Organic

Convinced on how organic baby food is better for my baby than other commercial infant foods, I started my search for organic baby food in the Philippines.  Though I believe preparing home-made baby food is still the best option as it is safer, healthier, more cost-effective, I honestly think there’s nothing wrong to feed her these safe alternatives. 

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Tash’s 1st Solid Food…Avocado!

I'm so happy that Tash has another milestone: eating solid food! 🙂 Two weeks ago, hubby and I started to let Baby Tash take small amounts of broth, as per the instruction of her pedia.  My Mom also started giving her rice water. She loves everything we give her. It isn't surprising why she's almost… Continue reading Tash’s 1st Solid Food…Avocado!