DIY Origami Bouquets and Boutonnieres for Entourage

The frustrated craftsperson that I was, I forced myself to have even just one do-it-yourself (DIY) project for our wedding.  So I thought of doing origami bouquets and boutonnieres for our entourage. Not only would it save us money, it would also be an opportunity for me, the “feeling” romantic bride, to do something personal, special and unique for my own wedding.

With the go signal of my fiancé, my origami bouquet and boutonniere project began with getting the materials ready.  To make sure my paper bouquets and boutonnieres project was more cost effective than simply ordering fresh flowers from Dangwa, I searched a lot of shops endorsed by craft bloggers in the Metro. From National Bookstore to arts and crafts stores in Quiapo (Check out Tabora St., Quiapo. It’s heaven for craftspeople),  I looked for cute but inexpensive materials for my DIY project.

Here’s what I got:

  • 6 packs of Specialty Paper (grey, not to thick and not to thin)
  • 6 packs of Specialty Paper (light blue, not to thick and not to thin)
  • 6 packs of Specialty Paper (cream, not to thick and not to thin)
  • Soft wire
  • Duck tape (color grey)
  • Pearls
  • Glue gun
  • Paper clips (for holding the petals together while glue has not dried yet)

For the bouquets of my female entourage, I just followed this online tutorial on how to make an Origami Kusudama Flower

For the boutonnieres of our male entourage, I was inspired by a photo in Pinterest. I followed the instructions from an Origami Chinese Fan online tutorial

We spent only a little less than Php2,000 for this DIY bouquets and boutonnieres project, as compared to a minimum of Php8,000 worth of fresh flowers from famous florists, which will just wither in a day or two.

Since as a working girl/bride I only had very little time to spare during weekends, I finished my DIY bouquet and boutonniere project in 3 months. Waaa! Though time-consuming, I enjoyed every minute of it.

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