Family Outing at Mt. Malarayat Golf and Country Club

As a father’s day celebration and a super late summer outing of our family, we spent our weekend at Mt. Malarayat Golf and Country Club in Lipa, Batangas. It’s Tash’s first out-of-town vacation, and we’re all excited!

Since it’s just a 2-hour drive away from Metro Manila, it is an ideal vacation spot for those who want a quick weekend getaway. I was surprised to find out that Lipa City owns a great travel destination like this.

The views are awesome. It’s perfect for a weekend R&R.


My family had a great time at the pool area (there’s a kiddie pool too).




Other than swimming, there are other activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family – golf, badminton, table tennis, biking, trampoline jumping, darts, billiards, and videoke session.


The accommodation is clean and spacious. We had an overnight stay at the hotel garden loft.  Hair dryer – check! Water heater in the bathroom – check!



There is a restaurant within the complex called Le Chef by Billy King. The food was fine but a bit pricey.


It is also a kid-friendly vacation destination as there is an outdoor playground and an indoor playroom.



The service of the staff wasn’t that good though. We waited for a long while for the staff to finish setting up the videoke room, and it took a while before they served our drinks and chips.  It seemed there were no microphones and drinks readily available.


But despite the run-of-the-mill service during our videoke session, my family had a great time at Mt. Malarayat Golf and Country Club.  An overnight stay is not enough to enjoy all the amenities.  I wish we could’ve stayed longer.


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  1. Kanani B. says:

    The customer service at a joint can really be make or break for me no matter how awesome everything else was! Looks like aside from that tho, it was a great vaca!


  2. Jenni Petrey says:

    Wow, it looks like a great place, very well set out with loads to do. But you are right, the customer service can make or break a place. It’s the one thing that you will always remember about a place.


  3. Kim b says:

    Looks like you had a great time aside from the customer service. Golf course is beautiful my husband would love it


  4. Natalie Aubele says:

    This sounds like so much fun ! We are really needing a weekend away !


    1. You should, Natalie. Moms deserve a break, 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. realfoodiefamily says:

    How fun is this! I want to go!


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