Miniso in SM North EDSA

I’m thankful that my schedule at my current work is convenient for a working mom like me. Since I leave the office at exactly 4 in the afternoon, I am spared from having to deal with the stressful rush hour madness in Metro Manila. So before heading home to see my baby girl, I can still afford a quick visit to the mall or the grocery store without worrying about heavy traffic or long cashier queue.

Today, my quick visit to SM North EDSA introduced me to my new favorite shop, Miniso Philippines. As I am a fan of anything affordable but useful, I got all excited upon entering the shop since I saw a lot of P99 price tags!   This variety store specializes in household and consumer goods, which makes it a must-visit shop for practical moms!

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From mobile phone accessories to kitchenware and household items, Miniso is a one-stop shop for every family member’s needs.  There are toys for kids, kikay stuff for moms and daughters, travel and mobile phone items for dads and sons.

Here are my favorite finds during my first visit:

Coconut Flavor Hand Soap

I am always in search of a good-smelling, not so expensive liquid hand wash! This is another great find. I’m just not sure if the coconut scent smells good.


Miniso Camellia Oil Nourishing Conditioner

I bought this Miniso conditioner because of its wonderful scent.  Plus, it claims to contain camellia oil, a known emollient that can make our hair supple and moist.  There are other promising hair products available like shampoo, hair styling gel, and hair elastin.


Cell Phone Case

I’m happy that there’s a new option for buying my phone’s casing.  This sturdy and elegant-looking ring bracket phone case from Miniso costs less than P200.  The ones sold in Apple stores are too expensive for me, while the ones that I usually buy from tiangges are cheap but not that durable.  The price tag of this casing from Miniso is just right for me.  Plus, I love the color options.



Jar of Cotton Buds

Cotton buds are part of any home’s grooming kit.  This household must-have costs only P99! One cute jar (I love the star-shaped container) contains 500 pcs of cotton swabs!



Gift Ideas

Miniso is also a one-stop shop for buying Christmas gifts or birthday gifts for everyone in the family! 🙂

Travel items for the jet-setter in the family…



Perfume, nail polish, make-up, hair brushes for those who love beauty and grooming products…



Kitchenware and spacious storage boxes for moms…



Toys for kids…



Socks and undies for everyone 🙂

Oh, and Miniso sells an undergarment body shaper that might be perfect for post-partum moms like me! 🙂 I’ll grab one on my next visit!



Stationery for the writers at heart…



And there are cute lamp shades too!



There are other great stuff inside this Japanese store — powerbanks, headsets, shuttle cocks, weighing scales, bags, wallets, slippers, hats, bath essentials, and food.  You have to go there to actually see Miniso’s various products.

And since it’s a great place to do your Christmas (or birthday gift) shopping, Miniso has cute gift bags up for grabs too. 🙂



So much for a quick store visit! Will just look for more stuff next time at Miniso SM North EDSA.

Click here to find a Miniso branch near you. Happy practical shopping, mommies! 🙂

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  1. Kim Z. says:

    Hi Gwen. I haven’t been in a Miniso shop yet. But I’ve seen Mumuso and they look and feel the same no? Like you, i have my eyes on the undergarment body shaper! hahaha :))


    1. Hi Kim. I haven’t been to Mumuso. Should visit that too. 🙂


  2. JohnM says:

    Nice. I especially like the cute plush toys. One thing though – it isn’t actually a Japanese store. It’s a Chinese store that is cleverly styled to look like a Japanese store. One of the co-founders is Japanese but all the original stores were located in mainland China.

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  3. Interesting. Thank you for this info, JohnM.


  4. Ajie says:

    Hi, is there anyway that i could order a specific item and claim it at any branch?


    1. Hi Ajie. I haven’t tried that yet. Might be a good idea to contact Miniso to inquire about it. Here’s Miniso’s contact number: (02) 559-7777. Hope this helps.


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