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I miss the Saturday visits and coffee dates


Before there was baby Tash, there were Saturday visits, weekend movie/coffee dates, beating the curfew dates, unli-calls and unli-texts.

Now, we don’t watch movies or hang out in coffee shops on Saturdays as often as before. Instead, we head to Mega Cleaners laundry shop, take Tash to the pedia for immunization, and make a quick trip to the grocery store.

We don’t rush home from a date or a party because of Dad’s curfew anymore.  Nowadays, we rush home because we’re honestly tired and we’d rather snooze than party all night. (Certified tito and tita of Manila)

We don’t talk for hours over the phone or send goodnight texts anymore. Instead, we talk about our day while staring at a cute baby sleeping peacefully between us.  And most of the time, even before we say goodnight, I’ve already fallen asleep.

I miss the Saturday visits and coffee dates, but I am grateful for the new memories we’re creating together as husband and wife, as parents, as teammates.


8 thoughts on “I miss the Saturday visits and coffee dates”

  1. It’s normal to miss all those things. I think it took us a little while, but my husband and I eventually got back into a (modified) normal pattern of coffee shop dates and talks after our son was born. It just takes some time… hang in there!

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