Hey Mom Online Shop for Children’s Vitamins and Medicines

Because there seems to be an extended rainy season in the Philippines, it’s not surprising that cough and colds season also extended. My husband and I recently caught the C&C virus, and because we wanted to spare Baby Tash from catching it too, we knew we had to give our child vitamin supplements.

Because this working mom wanted to spend more time with baby Tash by avoiding spending several minutes inside the drugstore, I decided to give online shopping a try. I bought my baby’s vitamin supplements online. Yes, that’s true. In this modern world, online shopping is not only for fashion pieces and cosmetics! Moms can now buy baby’s medicines and vitamins online. 🙂

Thanks to Hey Mom, an online shop for pediatric care. Its product range includes brands such as Ceelin, Allerkid, Trisopure Baby Wash among many other well-known brands for children’s vitamins, medicines, and personal care items.

Aside from shopping for baby’s needs, moms can also purchase vitamins and medicines for everyone in the family. Hey Mom also offers adult vitamins, medicines and health care needs.

Benefits of buying through Hey Mom

  • Convenience

Your child’s vitamins and medicines (no less than the most trusted brands in the Philippines!) delivered right at your doorstep. No need to travel, get stuck in traffic and fall in line.

  • Flexible payment options

Cash on Delivery, Debit Card, Credit Card

  • Price lower or almost same as products in drug

I’m not sure for all the products, but for Tash’s Ceelin vitamins, I bought 30ml Ceelin Drops from Hey Mom for PHP100. It costs PHP101 in the nearby drugstore. The price difference might be small, but it’s good enough if you think that you bought the product a peso cheaper at the comfort of your home.

  • Product Bundles

Hey Mom offers a complete range of best-selling items in bundles to provide moms with a better shopping experience.


  • Shipping Fee

There’s, of course, a price to pay for the convenience you gain from ordering online. Since I live in Quezon City, I had to pay PHP50 shipping fee. But then again, there are times that we’d rather pay an extra PHP50 than fall in a long line of customers in the drugstore.

  • No mobile app

It will be more convenient to do online shopping using a mobile app because we use our mobile phones or tablets more often than we use desktops and laptops.

Overall, I had a convenient shopping experience. This happy working mom received her baby’s vitamin supplement package just the other day. Hey Moms, you gotta try the Hey Mom online shop too! 🙂

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