Toys for my toddler from Kidoozi

My one-year-old Tash now loves to play.  She now comes up with her “Pretend I’m an adult” games like cooking using Mommy’s hairbrush and tumbler.  You just can’t underestimate the imagination and creativity of the little ones.  😊

As a mom, I got all excited at this new phase in my daughter’s life! I decided to get her few pieces of educational toys.  And as I wanted to skip the long cashier lines in malls and the exhausting Metro Manila traffic, I’m glad I discovered Kidoozi, an online store for babies and kids in the Philippines. From items for the newborn to toys for big kids, Kidoozi is worth a parent’s cyber shopping time.

Wooden Puzzle Toy

I got my daughter this Young Mindz Cutting Fruits Puzzle Toy.  Puzzle toys help enhance the motor skills of children and encourage them to use their imagination.

Plus, Tash now loves fruits, so playing with fruit toys made very busy.

Alphabet Toy

Since my one-year-old now loves to count and sing the ABC song, I also got her this Young Mindz Alphabet Puzzle.

This wooden toy helps my toddler be familiar with the Alphabet and discover how each letter looks like.

Augmented Reality Coloring Book

I know my toddler is still too young for this, but I got it anyway coz I got really curious about this 3D Evo coloring book.  It’s a coloring book and toy in one! 😊  I got the Ocean Animals version since Tash is now familiar with “fish”.

This interactive and futuristic coloring book captured even Mommy’s attention. 😊  When viewed through the 3D Evo mobile app, the whales, clown fish and other sea creatures magically come to life. The Generation Z certainly has so much technology to enjoy. This techie coloring book can help develop children’s fine-motor skills and creative thinking.

Stencil Art Set

I also ordered this Stencil Art Set from Kidoozi. It’s a perfect gift for my 4-year-old niece! 😊

Aside from educational toys and interactive books, Kidoozi offers other baby and kids products like co-sleepers, high chairs and booster seats, sterilizers, strollers, potty training items, and many more.

So next time I need to buy stuff for my little girl or I need to buy gifts for my friends’ kids, I’ll surely visit Kidoozi again for some cyber shopping. 🙂

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