Nurture Your Child’s Gifts of Generosity and Gratitude

Are gifts starting to pile up under your Christmas tree? 🙂


Surely, we can never escape receiving gifts this joyous season.  Why? Because Christmas is the season of giving, a season of sharing, a season of love! 🙂 No matter how grand or simple, gifts are people’s “concrete” way of showing their love and care.


Nurturing the giftedness of children should include character building. Other than their brain development and physical nourishment, we parents should pay attention to instilling meaningful values that will help children become well-rounded, compassionate individuals.


That’s what we’re trying to teach our daughter when someone gives her a gift or when we buy gifts for other people. We want to nurture the seeds of generosity and gratitude in our little one.  When these seeds grow, many people will benefit from the fruits.

Alongside proper nutrition and care, we hope to nurture the inner gifts of our little girl this Christmas season and always. 🙂


#NurthetheGift #PromilFour #PromilKid


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