Riding the Gondola at Venice Grand Canal, Venice Piazza

Weekends are worth waiting for! ❤️ Whether in our bedroom or somewhere outside our comfort zone Quezon City, quality time with these two is a perfect breather.  Out of my 32 years as a QC girl (exagg, I’m definitely older than this mall), it’s my 1st time to visit Venice Grand Canal or Venice Piazza. Thanks to Tash for encouraging us to ride a boat, Venice style!😎

Venice Grand Canal Mall is located in Upper McKinley Road Taguig. It’s an ideal venue for those craving for a food trip, a shopping spree, a “touristy” experience or a spot perfect for Instagramming.

The main attraction, of course, is the Gondola Ride that gives a taste of Venice, Italy to Manila girls like me. 😎

The Gondola Ride costs PHP400 per person as of this writing. Children below 3 ft need not pay. Good thing our tall toddler hasn’t reached 3 ft yet. 😅

The boatman was an added flavor. 😅 He was a cheerful singer and a great tour photographer. 😆

So when you are in Manila (in Upper Mckinley Road to be exact), make sure to drop by this Instragrammable place and grab some great food, photos and experience. 😎

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