Mother’s Day Giveaway from My Baby Philippines

The month of May has always been special to me. That’s because I celebrate my birthday in May. But after I gave birth to my daughter, the month of May became even more special. I am now a mother, and my heart beats with glee everytime someone greets me “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Back when I was still a carefree single lady, I knew moms were special and worthy of every appreciation and love on Mother’s Day. But it was only when I became a mom that I realized that moms deserve to be appreciated and loved every single day.



With or without gifts and kisses on Mother’s Day, moms will continue doing what they are naturally made to do — to love their families and give the best for their children. The truth is we are even willing to give any form of Mother’s Day gift to our little ones.


I guess God placed an extra dose of selfless love, patience and understanding when He made moms. 🥰


To all moms who give their best for their families, Happy Mother’s Day!

As it knows that baby care is important to all moms, My Baby Philippines is giving one amazing Mom a baby care package this Mother’s Day.

Join our Instagram giveaway.


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