Throwback Tuesday: Calaguas Island

Sharing a memento of my single life 😎🌴

Back when there were no little Tash and Daddy Novo yet, I was one of those carefree millennials who loved to travel. Whether it’s because of a piso fare or a travel bandwagon in the office, I willingly included myself in the “joining” list. 😄

These photos were taken at Calaguas Island, one of my most memorable single days travel destination. 😍

It was my first (and yes last as of this writing) time to go camping — slept inside a tent, no shower, no bidet, no electricity! Just nature! Just fun! 😂

Looking back, I’ve got no regrets. That season in my life was made to build friendships, make happy memories and enjoy God’s scenic creations. ❤️

Today, I stop myself every time there’s a seat sale or an affordable travel package in front of me. 😂 Priorities now are different — a dream home, tuition fee fund, bills, retirement fund, a dream to be a philanthropist (lol). Yet from time to time, I allow myself to give in to my youthful craving to travel. ✈️ This time, I pack three bags before we’re ready to go. 👨‍👩‍👧

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