Fight Maternal Nutrient Deficiency

This photo was taken 3 years ago, a few weeks before I gave birth to our daughter Natacia. 🤰🏻 Pregnancy taught me to embrace a healthy diet (or at least try). Nutrition is very important for a soon to be mom. Whatever I ate affected not only my health but also my baby’s development. Every time I was tempted to eat unhealthy food, I reminded myself that the food I eat was also my baby’s source of nourishment.
Since I wanted to be more confident that my baby and I were getting the right amount of nutrients, I listened to my OB’s recommendations to take supplements and drink maternal milk. So though I wasn’t a fan of milk, I regularly drank Anmum during pregnancy. 🥛 Syempre lahat gagawin for baby! 👶 Good thing there were Chocolate and Mocha Latte flavors! 😍 In addition to a healthy diet, Anmum helped me receive enough nutrients like Calcium, Folate, Iron, Zinc, Iodine. Anmum also provides pregnant women with GA and DHA that help support baby’s healthy brain development.
Looking back, I have no regrets in being extra conscious with my nutrition during pregnancy. Looking at my healthy toddler now, I am thankful that I did everything to fight maternal nutrient deficiency when I was pregnant. That’s why I am now encouraging all moms to join the #FightMaternalNutrientDeficiency movement. Let’s remind all pregnant women about the importance of nutrition during pregnancy. Join this online movement by sharing your pregnancy photo and inserting a purple heart on it or in the caption.  #MumsagainstMND 💜


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