Let your heart design

“Mom, let your heart design,” Tash said to me yesterday while I was busy working. ❤️🖍🎨

I’m not sure if she heard it from one of the children shows she’s been watching, but I really think it’s a catchy tagline or an empowering mantra for the second half of our memorable 2020. 🤓

Surely, the heart is powerful enough to decide and passionate enough to design! ❤️

Let’s continue to make good use of our God-given talents, wit, skills, and creativity. Create masterpieces. Decorate the home. Plan a project for a cause. Conceive ideas for livelihood.

The new normal may have imposed a lot of restrictions, yet our heart and mind’s ability to design our life can always go beyond those limits. So let your heart design and have a fabulous Friyay! 😎

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