No trick or treat this quarantine? Here’s a list of activities kids will enjoy at home

The end of October is one of the days that both parents and children look forward to. It has been a tradition for many Filipinos to celebrate Halloween with cute kiddie costumes and creative decorations. Whether it’s a village thing or a yearly event in the office, trick or treat is something that excites many parents as they anticipate the family bonding, fun and excitement that every event brings.

With the new normal, however, we know that there is no way we can take the kids out just yet. So parents, especially the millennials like me, are surely squeezing their creative juices for ways to celebrate halloween even while on quarantine.

If you’re thinking of ways to carry on your tradition of making your little pumpkins and unicorns enjoy all treats and no tricks this year, here are some ideas:

Let the little one dress up for a DIY pictorial

Throwback to our daughter’s 1st Halloween costume 🧜‍♀️ She won the Grand Prize!

Who says your child can’t wear that pumpkin costume just because there’s no going out? Let the children wear what they want to wear. For my toddler, she has decided to wear a Unicorn Butterfly outfit even if she knows she’ll just be staying in the house. Why not? 😄

Bring out your professional camera or camera phone and capture your little one’s halloween quarantine experience. 👻

Decorate some cupcakes

Let the kids get busy with designing the yummy desserts that they’re going to eat.

Create slime

Never mind if it’s messy. Let the children do some sensory play by creating their very own slime.

Let them paint

Whether it’s halloween or not, art activities will always be fun for kids.

Prepare the bag of treats

Since you can’t go knocking on neighbors’ doors to ask for some treats during quarantine, you’ll have to do the preparation of goodies for your little one.

Be creative. Make a “ghost bag” of goodies. Put the candies inside a pumpkin balloon, which your child can smash.

Join an online Halloween party

If there’s a will, there’s a way! ☺️ If we can have online meetings and online classes, why not have online halloween party? Find an online event with the theme and activities that your child will enjoy.

Activity Kits for Kids

No time to DIY? 🤔 If you’re a busy parent like me, you can buy ready-to-use halloween activity kits for your child. Check out these spectacular Smashin Pumpkin Treats from Partylinks.

Your child can enjoy cookie/cupcake decorating, slime creation, painting, depending on the package that you will avail.

They have a Halloween Sale until October 20! 🎃

Partylinks will also host an online Halloween Party.

For more details, send Partylinks a message on Instagram or Facebook.

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