McDonald’s Happy Meal Minion Toys

Tash loves surprises, so we surprised her by letting the minions invade our home! Aiming to make her very long “staycation” as fun as possible, I decided to share a mischievous bonding moment with our daughter by letting her play “Minion Hunt”. She had fun looking for all the Minion toys hidden in different parts of our little home. She found all toys and decided to give each minion a name (according to the minion’s attire). Children can really be creative when playing.

You and your child can have fun with McDo Happy Meal’s grand minion invasion too. Get one minion (15 minion designs with rare golden counterparts inside mystery capsules) for every Happy Meal you purchase, starting at Php 90.

Watch Tashy’s minion hunt video.

Collect all 15 minion toys (and their golden counterparts)! 🤩 Order now via


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