Boosting our immunity with Vitamilk

Tash loves dancing, and she says she wants to be a ballerina someday. Whether she’ll pursue this dream or find another career path, we are doing our best to prepare her for the future. We want to raise a daughter who is tough enough emotionally, mentally, and physically.

To make sure our little girl will grow up strong, we have to strengthen her immune system with balanced diet, exercise and other fun activities for her overall development.

Another way to boost her immunity is to give her a delicious drink that will support every aspect of her growth. That’s why we always have Vitamilk at home! With Vitamilk, kids are armed with an all encompassing set of nutrients from The #FillsGood formula. Each serving contains:

👍Protein to strengthen muscles
👍B-vitamins to release energy, and
👍Omega 3,6,9 to support brain development

It’s also made from all-natural ingredients and has a rich chocolatey taste that Tash and kids her age surely love!

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