The Wedding Proposal

My tremendously phlegmatic personality might not reveal my inner bliss, but of course, I was the happiest woman on Earth on the 25th day of July 2014. I’m engaged!!! 🙂

My romantic and very expressive banker boyfriend, Novo, proposed to me in a bank, his very own place of work. With the cooperation of my family, my boyfriend made me believe that our family needed to settle documents for a loan in the bank, and that I was appointed by my father to be one of the representatives to sign the documents. To be honest, I was so convinced by my family and my boyfriend’s little role play that I did not have an idea that my trip to the bank would end up in a wedding proposal.

There’s no need for me to write about the details because phone cameras of almost everyone in the bank (my brothers, some of our close friends and officemates of my romantic fiancé) captured everything.

As expected, my ever composed self did not shed a tear, but my heart was totally in awe. I was so happy having confirmed that my boyfriend really wanted me for a wife, but at the same time, I was a bit hesitant if I will be able to play the part well.

But of course, it’s certainly blissful to witness the love of my life kneel down in front of me, bring out a ring and ask me “Will you marry me?”

With all the pretty words floating in my mind that very moment, I was only able to answer a very sweet and sheepish “OK.” 🙂 It’s like all my prayers and “waiting for the right one” advocacy were heard by God, and He was like, “OK, it’s time.” Awww. 🙂



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