USANA to launch skincare products in 2018

Do you know what’s in store for beauty-loving ladies this coming 2018?  A new line of high-performance skin care products from cellular nutrition company USANA! 🙂


Celebrity Sam Pinto, Beauty queen Sara Jane Paez and athletes Michelle Barrera and Misagh Bahadoran are the faces of USANA Celavive in the Philippines.  Since most of them have been benefiting from USANA Essentials supplements for quite a while now, they are also excited to use this new skincare line from USANA in 2018.

USANA Celavive, skin care products
Beauty queen Sara Jane Paez, celebrity Sam Pinto,  and athletes Michelle Barrera and Misagh Bahadoran as the faces of USANA Celavive in the Philippines


Available in the Philippines in the first quarter of 2018, the USANA® Celavive skin care line consists of the following:

  • Conditioning Make up Remover
  • Hydrating Eye Essence
  • Creamy Foam Cleanser
  • Replenishing Night Gel
  • Protective Day Cream
  • Vitalizing Serum

USANA Celavive, skincare products, skin care, skin care regimen

USANA® Celavive products feature USANA Incelligence Technology® and Cell Signaling Complex that awaken the cells’ natural ability to activate youth-preserving beauty functions within our own skin, going beyond traditional skincare regimens.

Furthermore, InCelligence maximizes the potency and effectiveness of the plant-based ingredients included in the Celavive Cell Signaling Complex. Celavive skincare goes further and deeper to moisturize skin and help maintain the skin’s natural barrier function by enhancing cell communication.

Celavive is manufactured by USANA’s skincare partner in a Japan-based facility specializing in skincare production and is known for its high manufacturing standards.

Supporting natural renewing abilities

USANA Vice President for Philippines and Indonesia Duday Gaston

“Beauty is more than skin deep,” says USANA Vice President for Philippines and Indonesia Duday Gaston, “which is why we believe the best way to achieve truly radiant skin is to support your skin’s natural renewing abilities.” Celavive represents the idea that our cells are alive, and working together to create a beautiful complexion.

The skincare industry is very competitive and the science behind effective skincare is consistently evolving. “We felt it was time to introduce a line that reflected the most current innovations. With the introduction of USANA InCelligence Technology®, we now have the ability to support the communication of skin cells—helping create cutting-edge skincare products that respond uniquely to you to create radiant, younger-looking skin,” Gaston claims.

Targeted skincare regimen

With targeted nutrient combinations and powerful peptides, Celavive helps support the fight against visible skin aging. Key ingredients hydrate the skin, which works to counteract visible signs of chronological and lifestyle stress aging—like fine lines and wrinkles—by targeting key skin receptors. In addition, this exclusive blend of beautifying nutrients also helps support six major elements that can help maintain the look of a healthy skin matrix—including collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid—for younger-looking skin.

USANA PhilippinesField Development Director  Lizbeth Jose

“Celavive’s introductory product offering includes options for all skin types, ages, and skin concerns so you can build a truly personalized regimen,” says Lizbeth Jose, Field Development Director for USANA Philippines.

So as we start listing down our goals for 2018, let’s not forget to include giving our skin care regimen a boost with these USANA products.

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