Flying to Sydney via Qantas Airways

I thought I’m gonna get bored flying to Sydney for 8 straight hours. I was wrong.

I’m grateful we chose to fly via Qantas Airways for our Sydney trip. Your 8 hours on board will surely not go to waste with the following activities:

Watch movies


Being a working mom, I rarely have time to watch movies (except on a few scheduled date nights with hubby). Luckily, Qantas provides its passengers with super cool entertainment system onboard. Right in front of me was a screen that offered me to watch movies, listen to music or check the status of our flight (how many hours more before we land safely).

I didn’t notice two hours passed by as I smiled and cried watching Disney Pixar’s Coco.

Eat and eat again

While watching Coco, hubby and I got to enjoy good dinner. I got Filipino style chicken barbecue with rice, while hubby chose roast beef with mashed potato.

Sleep comfortably

So glad that Qantas provided pillow and blanket for us, so I enjoyed some nap time after watching Coco movie.

Meditate and relax

Riding a plane gives me unhurried time to meditate, think about life, pray and just calm down and enjoy my inner peace. Inside the plane, it’s quiet and I had no other choice but to sit down, be still, and savor some quiet time.

Bond with hubby

Yes, plane rides are a great way to bond as a couple or as a family. Other than watching movies and sleeping, a lot of hours were spent sitting beside each other, talking about anything.

Time flew along with the plane, and the next thing we knew it was touchdown. Thank God for a safe flight via Qantas. 🙂

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