Applying for Australian Visa Online through ImmiAccount

Since I needed to go to Sydney for a work-related business expo, I wanted to take hubby along with me during the trip.  My Australian Visa application was taken cared of by my employer, so I had to process hubby’s visa application all on my own.  Good thing that applying for Australian visa nowadays can be conveniently done online! I did not have any trouble doing it. 😊

Online Visa Application Process

Create an ImmiAccount


The ImmiAccount is your convenient cyber tool to securing an Australian Visa.  After creating an account, log in to your ImmiAccount and click on New Application.

Choose the kind of visa you would like to apply for.


There’s a lot of visa types you can choose from.  The most common would probably a Visitor Visa.  That’s what I applied for on behalf of hubby.

Accomplish the online application form in your ImmiAccount.


Don’t forget to place N/A if the item is not applicable to your application.

Prepare all the requirements.


Scan each document and save as PDF. You may check detailed requirements for the kind of Australian visa you’re applying for on your ImmiAccount.  For my hubby’s Visitor Visa application, I submitted the following documents:

  1. Passport – include info page which shows previous travels even from old passports
  2. NSO Birth Certificate
  3. Marriage Certificate;
  4. Passport size ID photo (35x45mm) which complies with the photo specifications;
  5. Evidence of Financial Capacity – personal bank statement, credit card limit, payslips
  6. Evidence of Current Employment – certificate of employment, payslips
  7. Cover Letter explaining the purpose of travel to Australia with proposed itinerary
  8. Letter of Invitation from employer – I included this document since I stated in the cover letter that my husband will travel to Sydney for leisure after accompanying me to a work-related business expo in Sydney.

Attach ALL requirements applicable to you in your ImmiAccount.


Carefully check your accomplished application form and attached documents twice, thrice, four times (for OC-ness’ sake).

Pay the visa application fee.


We paid 141.37 AUD for my hubby’s visa application on November 2018.  Check your ImmiAccount for updated amount of visa processing fee.

Regularly check your email or ImmiAccount regarding the status of your Australian visa application.


Some additional requirements may also be asked from you through email so it is very important to monitor email correspondence.  Australia Visa Grant Notification will be sent to your email.

Australian Visa Processing Time

Generally, processing of Australian visa takes as short as 48 hours to as long as a month.  My husband’s Australian Visitor Visa was granted two working days after we submitted all the requirements and paid the visa application fee.


visa grant


Before you book that flight to Australia, make sure to secure your Australian Visa first.  Create your account now at

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