My Mom Mentor

I love this throwback photo of me and my Mom. Back then, people couldn’t imagine me as a mother. 😂 I was quite the opposite of my mom. While she was athletic (yes, she can dive and is good at sports), brave, street smart and decisive, I was so frail and useless in the house (or just the kitchen) and unathletic and naive. I couldn’t blame them as somehow that was how I saw myself as well.

But God has His own fabulous ways of bringing out the best in people. When I was pregnant with Tash, I felt like I was one of the strongest women alive. Feeling ko mas malakas pa ako sa kalabaw. (OA lang!) 😅

But truly, I felt God granted me an extra dose of physical, emotional and mental strength for my new role as mother. And I thank Him for giving me my Mom Ethel as example, mentor, and hands-on grandma to Tash. I may not have reached the level of my Mom’s maternal powers, but I’m sure the Lord has equipped me with all I need for now.

Happy Mother’s day, Mimoy/Mom! 😍😍

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