Sending gifts for Moms made easier by Western Union

It’s Mother’s Day once again. While I’m blessed that my mom and my daughter are physically present to celebrate with me this special occassion, I can just imagine the longing of mothers from overseas to hug and hold their children. In the same way, I’m sure those whose mothers are living abroad are also dreaming of sending their love to their moms.

Good thing there are so many ways to send love to moms even if they are miles away. Nowadays, children can do a video call to greet and chat with their moms. They can also send lovely packages containing all of mom’s favorite make-up or toiletries through an international courier.

Another stress-free way of sending Mother’s Day gift is via Western Union’s money transfer. On this special day, even if moms don’t ask for it, sending money as gift can make this celebration more special. They can use the money gift to dine in their favorite resto, get a relaxing massage or buy a new pair of shoes. For all the hard work, moms deserve even just one day of pampering. 🙂

Western Union offers services that connect children and moms all over the globe. Whether your mom is in the province or based in another country, you can conveniently send a special gift to her in three easy ways: via, via the Western Union app or by visiting any of over 5,400 Western Union partner banks and agents in the Philippines. Your mom can receive the money directly in her bank account. She also has the option to pick it up at the nearest mall outlet.

Wester Union also has collected several recipes that you can prepare for your mom on Mother’s Day. Check out Western Union’s Facebook page for the easy to follow recipes.

Happy Mother’s Day to all blooming mommies out there! 🙂

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