Hello, Terrible Twos! 👋🏻

A smile that melts Mommy’s heart 💜 Our one year old is always a sweet and happy baby. But just recently, she surprised me and her Dad with unexplainable crying and shouting…at the mall! Welcome to terrible twos’ world! 😱

As first-time parents, we were so shocked, confused, annoyed, frustrated and worried. Why is she crying? Why won’t she stop? What does she want? What is wrong??? 😭

The worried millennial mom, of course, asked Mr. Google about it. It was such a relief when I learned from several articles that this phase in a toddler’s life is normal and is part of her development. It’s a phase when she’s trying to test her limits, express herself, assert her independence and many more. It’s a crucial phase so parents like us should be extra careful about our approach to each “terrible two” meltdown. 💪🏻

So when I found out about it, instead of being annoyed and frustrated, I became challenged. It’s a good challenge how my husband and I can guide our little one in this important stage in her life.

Any tips from other moms and dads? 😍😍

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