TOY RECO: Fisher Price Block Picking Wagon

Our 26-month-old daughter is now a certified little explorer. The so called “terrible two stage” isn’t too terrible after all when you witness your child achieve milestones one little block play at a time! 😊   Seeing her progress, I sometimes feel excited about sending her to school but I also know that she’s too young to get a formal education.

For now, what my husband and I do is encourage our little explorer to PLAY, PLAY and PLAY. We all know that children learn and develop new skills by playing, whether on their own or with other children. 

Among the toys that keep my toddler engaged nowadays are the good old blocks.  From developing muscle control to strategizing how to build a house out of colorful blocks, toddlers learn a lot from block play.  So when I laid my eyes on the Fisher Price Block Picking Wagon, I knew right away that it was perfect for my two-year-old.

Package Inclusions

  • Colorful pull wagon that picks up blocks when pushed (with a fold-out easy-to-grip handle with buildable section)
  • 20 building blocks in classic colors (The blocks spin inside clear compartment)


With the Fisher Price Block Picking Wagon (ideal for ages 1-5), a toddler can benefit from both the classic wagon play and block building fun.

Aside from that, this toy offers a lot of ways to keep a toddler entertained.  My daughter loves pushing the wagon to pick up the colorful blocks scattered on the floor.  She also loves watching the blocks spin inside the clear compartment whenever she pushes the wagon. Sometimes, she just parks her wagon on the side while she tries to build a house, a car or an airplane out of the blocks.  She even builds directly onto the wagon’s handle!

At times, she also just loves lining the blocks up.

Watch how our little girl plays with her wagon. Check out our newly opened Youtube Channel. 😎

What Mommy Loves About It

Aside from the fact that it makes my daughter super happy, here are what I love about the Fisher Price Block Picking Wagon.

Good for my daughter’s development

My husband and I allow our little girl to play with various toys as we want her to really enjoy her childhood, but the block picking wagon is one of my favorites simply because it keeps my child productively busy. 

I believe block and wagon play is good for various aspects of development. It makes her physically active and helps develop her fine and gross motor skills. It makes her think in both strategic and creative ways. It helps her become organized and coordinated.

Fun way to teach my toddler to clean up

A unique feature of this amazing toy is that the wagon picks up the blocks scattered on the floor by simply being pushed. Once the wagon has “eaten” the blocks, my toddler loves to see them spinning around the clear compartment of the wagon.  So every time I say “It’s pack up time. Say good bye to the blocks!”, my toddler enjoys packing her blocks up. 😊  Indeed, cleanup’s never felt so much like playtime!

Good quality with a reasonable price

Tash has other Fisher Price toys (and yes, even quality shoes), and without bias, the quality of the products is really good. If you compare it with other cheaper toys, you will notice that the material is safe for children. I don’t feel worried because there are no rough edges that might hurt my child during play.  Plus, Fisher Price is an American brand that makes sure to consult child experts and do a lot of research during product development, so I feel confident that the toy my child is playing with is appropriate for her age. So for a good quality 2-in1 (wagon+blocks) toy, the price is definitely sulit! 😊

So Moms and Dads, if you wish to get your toddler this block picking wagon, you may order online at Kids Company.

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  1. Alyssa Medina says:

    I love this, Mommy. My son also loves blocks nowadays. Will check this toy out. 🙂


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