Fisher Price Shoes for Children

My daughter Tash has only 2 pairs of shoes. Being a practical (ok, and kuripot) mom, I believe that a toddler like her who spends 5 days in a week inside our home sweet home does not need too many shoes.  I told my husband that a few pairs of shoes are enough at least for now — one pair for casual attire and another pair that can be worn with girly dresses.

I used to buy for our little girl very affordable footwear, but I learned the hard way how very affordable children’s footwear can only last for around 3 months. Our toddler did a lot of running and walking and tiptoeing, so her poor affordable shoes wore out too easily. So I realized we had to buy for her pairs of shoes that she can wear long term.

Good thing I discovered Fisher Price shoes. Fisher Price is a brand I’ve always associated with quality educational toys, but when I became a mom, I found out that Fisher Price also offers other products like children’s shoes. So the only two pairs of shoes my daughter wears are both from Fisher Price.

The Red Rubber Shoes


This pair of red rubber shoes from Fisher Price is actually Tashy’s favorite. She feels comfortable wearing it, and she finds the  color red “pretty”. As a parent, I also feel confident that my little girl is safe when running and walking in her Fisher Price shoes because the material and stitches are of high quality.

Tash travels in style comfortably in her Fisher Price rubber shoes. 🙂

The All Around White Shoes


This pair of white shoes is one of our best buys for our daughter. Its design is perfect for both casual attire and can also go well with girly dresses!

Plus, the rubber outsole is so good that even if my daughter runs tirelessly, I’m confident she won’t. The insole is also soft so it’s gentle for a toddler’s little feet.

Because it is used very often, the white pair of shoes is now dirty white! 🙂

What Mom Loves About Fisher Price Footwear

Just when I thought two pairs of footwear are enough for our little girl, a Valentine surprise from Fisher Price was a welcome addition to Tashy’s very small shoes collection. 🙂


It’s comfy for my little explorer’s feet

The memory foam insole of the Fisher Price shoes makes walking and running and jumping comfortable for my toddler. I think that’s the most important  aspect any parent should consider in buying children’s shoes. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or cheap, but what we have to ask is “Does my child feel comfortable wearing it?”

It can be worn long-term

We need to make sure the shoes we buy is worth every peso we spend. So another thing I love about Fisher Price children’s shoes is that they are durable. You can see from the real-stitched outsole that the shoes can last for a long while no matter how “malikot” our toddler is.

It’s safe for children

I love that Fisher Price shoes have flexible heel support which ensures the safety of my child. This feature increases the stability of my child when standing or moving.

Because my toddler has only a few pairs of shoes, I make sure she has high quality shoes. 🙂


Fisher Price shoes are available in the Children’s Shoes Section of The SM Store. 🙂


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