My Baby Products

I love bath and dress up time with my daughter! ❤️ That’s why I also get excited when I learn about baby bath and hygiene products, especially when they contain natural ingredients and they smell good.

One of the quality baby brands in the market today is My Baby. As a brand trusted by moms for over 30 years, My Baby offers a range of baby products available in retail outlets in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines.

At the Blogger’s Luncheon of My Baby Philippines

My Baby Powder

My Baby powder has a mild formula, fine texture and fresh fragrance. It contains chamomile that helps prevent skin irritation. It is clinically tested safe for babies.

My Baby Shampoo

My Baby Shampoo Black & Shine contains the natural ingredients, candle nut and avocado.

My Baby Shampoo Soft & Smooth contains natural ingredients, honey and olive oil.

My Baby Milk Bath

My Baby Milk Bath contains natural ingredients, milk and oat. It keeps baby’s skin nourished, moisturized and healthy.

Enjoyed learning more about My Baby products with fellow mom bloggers, Tin and Diana

For more information about My Baby products, visit and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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