Throwback: Prenup Pictorial

This is my favorite among our pre-nup photos. Mukha kasing under si Novo dyan! Haha! 🤪

Kidding aside, I just love looking at our prenup photos. Aside from the fact that I miss my body that’s 10lbs lighter, it makes me go back to when my hubby (then boyfriend) and I were still clueless on what married life would be like. 💗

When this photo was taken, we had so many questions, uncertainties, worries. Will we make it financially? Will we be blessed with a child? Are we ready to become parents? Will we still enjoy each other’s company as husband and wife? Nothing was clear. 😵

Now looking back at those uncertain moments, I can’t help but be grateful of how God has been so faithful and merciful to us as a couple, as a family. Our married life isn’t perfect, but I love every angle of it. It’s God’s grace that allows us to see trials as challenges and to look at little victories as huge blessings. 💜

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