Bedtime Routine for Babies and Toddlers with Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath and Lotion

Putting a baby to sleep is a struggle for any parent.  After singing the sweetest lullabies and doing all the rock-a-bye moves, your baby stares at you innocently with eyes wide open. 😳 Good luck, Momsh!

My husband and I (including dearest Amma) graduated from the newborn phase with flying colors! Our sweet little Tash is now 2 years old.  I thought we’re sooo over the bedtime troubles. Well, I was wrong.  With a raging energy and unlimited dose of curiosity, our mighty toddler is just as difficult to put to bed as a newborn.

And so, the bedtime challenge continues. 🛌 🤱🏻

Thankfully, we discovered some tricks that make our bedtime struggle a little easier to bear.  They say introducing a routine helps a child transition to “bedtime mode”.  So we sought help from the baby care expert, Johnson’s Baby.

JOHNSON’S Baby 4-Step Bedtime Routine

Johnson’s developed a unique 4-step bedtime routine, the first and only nighttime routine clinically proven to help children 7 to 36 months sleep better in just two weeks.

Reference: Clinical study report US CS#146A-05: Improvement of Baby Sleep Behaviors through Usage of a Personal Care Product Based Before-Bed Routine

Since we really wanted Tash to sleep faster and better (for our sake and hers), we try to follow this bedtime routine religiously.


After a day of active play, our toddler is always sweaty and madungis.  That’s why we give her a warm bath at the end of the day, a good way to start her pre-bed routine.

I cleanse my child’s body with Johnson’s Bedtime baby bath with NaturalCalm essence, which is clinically proven to help calm and comfort a child before sleep. The aroma consisting of jasmine and lily can help calm even an energetic toddler.

It’s pediatrician-approved and hypoallergenic. Johnson’s designed this product for safety and efficacy and prioritized naturally-derived ingredients where possible. You may check the ingredients of Johnson’s Bedtime baby bath here.


According to Johnson’s,  a baby’s skin loses moisture nearly two times faster than adult’s skin. So even though my child’s skin looks so perfect, after a warm bath, I still moisturize her skin by applying JOHNSON’S baby BEDTIME lotion.

JOHNSON’S baby BEDTIME lotion gives 2 benefits — nourishing and strengthening the little one’s skin and helping her sleep better through NATURALCALM aroma.


My husband and I both love massage. We find it very relaxing and therapeutic.  We introduced the concept of massage to our daughter, and she loves it too.

Her Dad is usually the one who gives her a massage. 💪🏻

Massage is a good way to strengthen the bond between parent and child. It is also important in a child’s development. Many researchers and clinicians agree that a positive parent-child bond helps to form the basis for future relationships.

Likewise, a baby massage may help:

  • Soothe baby and reduce crying
  • Aid digestion and help relieve colic, gas and constipation
  • Help baby sleep more deeply and longer
  • Relieve nasal congestion and teething discomfort
  • Help develop good muscle tone, coordination, and suppleness
  • Enhance body awareness
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve skin texture
  • Help calm and relax both parent and baby
  • Boost parents’ confidence in handling baby

If you don’t know how to properly massage your child, check out these tips.


Our bath-moisturize-massage ritual effectively calms our daughter.  However, her limitless imagination keeps her awake.  That’s why it’s important to spend a little quiet time together.  Making sure the bedroom is quiet, calm and cozy, we help our daughter wind down by reading her a bedtime story, singing soft lullabies, and saying a bedtime prayer.

After bedtime rituals and fervent prayers, our little darling will finally sleep. Nighty night! 🙂

The Bedtime Challenge of every parent will never be easy.  There are times that my daughter tries to escape from the bedroom or tries to ride on Dad or Mom’s back just so she won’t fall asleep.  To be honest, sometimes, I fall asleep faster than her. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But this challenge of ours can be easier to deal with if we consistently practice a bedtime routine.  Likewise, spending time for the child’s bedtime routine will be one of the sweetest memories that will forever be in the heart and mind of our little one.  Sweet dreams! 🌟 🌙

Johnson’s Baby BEDTIME bath and lotion are available in leading supermarkets and in Lazada. Click here to order online.

Please also watch our Family Bedtime Routine vlog on our Youtube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe. 😘


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