Tips on drying clothes during rainy days

In my grandmother’s days,  I bet doing the laundry didn’t give moms a problem.  First, drying was easy peasy for they had a backyard to turn into a “sampayan”.  Second, they had a slow-paced life that can patiently wait for the rain to end and the clothes to dry.

Today, moms like me have a hard time doing the laundry. First, families nowadays usually live in condominiums or apartments without enough space to dry clothes.  Second, family members are always on the go and they don’t have the patience to wait for weeks for their clothes to dry.


Whether due to lack of space or the rainy days, moms nowadays are left with no choice but to do indoor drying. Sampay sa CR. Sampay sa kusina.  The problem with drying clothes indoor is that the clothes smell damp even after washing. Amoy kulob!

To find solution to my very millennial mommy problem, I sought help from the mighty Mr Google and some real-life mom friends. Sharing the list of the hacks I learned for doing laundry and indoor drying. 🙂

Make use of the space you have


You can’t throw tantrums at 33, right? That’s one of my biggest realizations in 2019.  What can I do if it rains today and I have to wear that white blouse for an event this weekend? What can I do if we have no outdoor area to hang our clothes?  So make use of the space you have.  Find the best spot at home where you can place the drying racks or the clothesline. Turn that storage room into a “sampayan”.  Make use of  the shower rod inside the bathroom.  

Do laundry in small batches


You need an extra dose of hard work during the rainy season.  It may be time consuming to do laundry more often, but this will prevent the clothes from piling up.  Since you have a limited space for drying, you should aim to minimize the number of clothes you need to wash and dry per load. So do your laundry in small batches.

Dehumidify your home


Drying clothes indoors increases the moisture level in your home. The excess moisture makes it easier for dust mites, moulds and other allergens to spread.  You have to keep moisture level in the house low. Get a quality dehumidifier.  If buying a dehumidifier is not in the family budget yet, you can use unrefined salt or air purifier bags to help absorb moisture from the environment. 

Use fabric softener 


Based on my 3 years of being a homemaker (Nax, ang young!), our clothes dry faster whenever I use fabric conditioner.  So whenever I do indoor drying, I make sure to use fabric softener.

Recently, I discovered Downy Expert Kontra Kulob.  It has antibac power that’s perfect for indoor drying of clothes. No more amoy kulob! 🙂  You should use it to believe. 🙂

Ventilation is crucial

When drying clothes indoors, make sure to open the windows to help air to circulate.  Exhaust fans inside bathrooms are also a big help in maintaining moisture level in the room.

Don’t worry about drying clothes indoors during rainy days or if your home doesn’t have enough space. With these laundry hacks, our family members can wear nice smelling and clean clothes any day of the year, rain or shine! 
🌧 ☀️

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  1. Monch Weller says:

    If your house has an attic, it surprisingly works as some kind of a drying box for clothes! Just leave it there and forget, and the clothes are dry by the time you check on them.


    1. Will try that one in my parents’ house. Thanks for this tip. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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