Toilet Training using the Potette Plus — Trainer Seat and Potty Chair in One

I’ve been wanting to get rid of diapers in our life (to save Mother Earth and money), but then our little girl is slowly and sweetly taking her time in toilet training. She’s 3, and she’s not ashamed to admit that she’s still comfy in wearing a diaper. After I’ve tried all the tips I got from fellow moms and parenting articles, we’re still learning the ropes, and it’s OK. 😊

I’ve come to terms with my daughter still not graduating from the toilet training academy while other children her age already did. As they say, each child has a unique learning journey, and parents should only support the little ones as they learn at their own pace. However, we should not stop encouraging them to try and learn.

Parent tip: Don’t force your child if he or she is still not ready, but never stop letting him or her try.

One of the things we did to continuously motivate our little girl in her potty training is to get her a practical potty, which she can use at home, at her grandparents’ house or when we’re on a family vacation.

I’m glad we discovered the 2-in-1 POTETTE® Plus, a self-standing potty for on-the-go use that easily converts to a trainer seat that can be placed on any adult size toilet. 🚽

For me, a trainer seat is a practical toilet training product because it will teach the child to pee or 💩 using an adult toilet. If my daughter will be introduced to sitting on the adult toilet early, the faster she will get used to using the toilet. Plus, I can just flush her pee or poop right away without worrying about cleaning the potty chair. 😊

The Potette is so easy to turn into a trainer seat.

Great features:

✔️Easy grip handles for toddler to grab while on the potty

✔️Contoured seat for child’s comfort

✔️Sturdy well-balanced base that helps child feel secure

✔️Legs lock into place when opened

✔️Folds flat so it can fit in the diaper bag

My husband told me that we should get another Potette for Tash to use in Grandpa and Grandma’s house, but I told him it’s not necessary. The Potette is so portable that we can just bring it anywhere we are.

When we’re on the go, the Potette can conveniently turn into a travel potty chair. It is suitable for ages 15 months and up to 50lbs when used as a traveling potty.

The 2In1 Potette Plus, which costs P999, comes with 3 super absorbent, leak-proof and easy-to-use disposable liners.

The liner is easy to remove and dispose. We can buy disposable liner refills if we need more in the future. For a training seat and potty chair in one, this product gives a lot of value for our money. 😎

You can buy the Potette Plus from baby/kid online shop Kidoozi.

To all moms and dads who are still waiting for their toddlers to graduate from the Potty Training Academy, enjoy the journey. With a good potty training product and an awful lot of patience, we’re on the right track. 👍🏻

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