Joy Antibac Dishwashing Liquid as Disinfectant

Do you know that you can use your dishwashing liquid to disinfect things? 🤓

Here’s a household hack that we can all benefit from. Do your DIY solution for disinfecting things using:
🚰 500 ml water
🥄 1 tsp of Joy Antibac Dishwashing Liquid

According to a recent study conducted by Japan National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE), you can effectively disinfect things using a solution of 500ml water and 1tsp of a common household cleaner that contains certain ingredients proven to fight against the coronavirus. 🦠 Check this link to read more about this study. 🤓 Joy Antibac Dishwashing Liquid is an example that contains the verified ingredient.

Now, our dishwashing liquid cleans not just our plates and utensils. I use it for cleaning our table, kitchen counter, door knobs, and gadgets. 🧽🧼

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