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When I was 24, I read this book called “How to Find Your One True Love” by Bro Bo Sanchez. I didn’t care if the bookstore cashier thought I was cheesy or desperate for love. 😅 I really bought the book simply because I was 24…and still single. 😂

While there’s really no one strict formula to finding true love, the book provided me logical tips on how to choose a guy or go on a date while upholding my values and discerning God’s will. It’s like a written piece of advice from a Tito to a twenty-something niece trying to find true love. 😂 One of the tips I can never forget is making a non-negotiable list of qualities that I want my spouse to have. Thanks for the tips, @brotherbosanchez They really helped in my journey. 🙂

I was 24 too when I first met my husband…just a few months after reading the book. Talk about God’s perfect timing! 😇 During our dating stage, I’m glad I already know my negotiables and non negotiables. 🤓

Now that I’m 34, my husband and I have one 3-year-old daughter. I’m excited to read these new books by Bro Bo and Michelle Alignay, a registered psychologist and guidance counselor. From finding true love to nourishing a family! ❤️

While there’s no one strict formula to building a happy family, I’m sure I can once again find some words of wisdom and inspiration just as I did 10 years ago.

So to all of us looking for true love and striving to care for a happy family, let’s enjoy the journey as we walk towards our goals.

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