Cleene CLIO Toothbrushes

Making a toddler brush her teeth isn’t easy. I have to make sure she always has a no-ouchy and gentle brushing experience. The toothbrush needs to have soft bristles that are gentle for a toddler’s sensitive gums and teeth. So we tried Cleene CLIO Kiddie Toothbrush.

In partnership with Korean toothbrush brand CLIO, Cleene offers toothbrushes with microfine soft bristles that help penetrate and clean hard to reach areas for gentle brushing. Cleene CLIO Kiddide Toothbrush has soft bristles good for kids age 3-6 years old. For adults, there are a variety of Cleene CLIO Toothbrushes to choose from:

醴 Cleene CLIO Dentabright Colors – has soft and thin bristles designed to swipe away food and plaque from along the gumline and narrow gaps between teeth

醴 Cleene CLIO 40+ – with twice finer bristles that are ultra soft designed for sensitive teeth and gum care

醴 Cleene CLIO Tech – has long tapered bristles that can clean below the gum line

醴 CLIO Refreshing Green Tea – infused with real green tea extract that helps improve gum health

These affordably priced quality soft bristle toothbrushes are available in Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

Make your teeth Cleene CLIO!

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