“Emotions create habits” #SunLifeItoAngArawMo

“Emotions create habits.” 💛👩🏻‍💻

This is my favorite realization among many other beautiful lessons I learned from Sun Life’s interactive workshop “Build Bright Habits to Reach Your Goals”.

I always thought that habits can be sustained only by will power. So whenever I fail to pursue a habit, I blame my mind. 🧠 I blame myself for not being determined enough. I blame myself for not having that “mental toughness” to push through with good habits like working out, investing or working regularly on a passion project.

The Sunlife workshop made me realize that forming habits has also a lot to do about our emotions. 🫀👀 It’s not just a mental thing. And I realized it’s true. When we feel happy and excited, it’s easier to stick to a habit. Other than having the mental toughness, it’s also important not to disregard our emotions when building bright habits.

We’re wired to pursue things we enjoy doing. 🥰 That’s why it’s very important to celebrate small wins.🎉

Pat yourself on the back for that small step taken. Eat that cake. 🎂 Doll yourself up. 💄 We deserve it. 😉

No matter how small your progress is, we should celebrate so we can develop that “inner shine”  that will motivate us to consistently do something until it becomes a part of our system, until it becomes a habit.

Know more tips on building bright habits by joining our online community. This group is here to support you, teach you, and give you opportunity to share your story. Together, let’s start building Bright Tiny Habits to reach your goals!

Scan the QR code or search ITO ANG ARAW MO COMMUNITY on Facebook to join!

P.S. Thank you so much to international author, speaker, and life coach Dr. Christine Carter and AHA! Behavioral Design Managing Director TJ Agulto for all the words of wisdom and encouragement during the workshop.

#SunLifeItoAngArawMo #SunLifePartnerforLife

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