7 Benefits I Got (still get) from Blogging

As a child, I wrote every single day on my scented diary (with lock that ensured my youthful privacy). My diary was a quiet confidant to whom I shared my views and sentiments without reservations. I’d write about almost anything—my experience in school, my favorite cartoon series, my crush, my friends, my family vacation, my fears, my dreams.  To an introvert little girl, writing a journal was just an innocent hobby similar to collecting stickers and scrapbooking.

Years later, I grew up and so did technology.  Soon, I replaced my scented diaries with a paperless journaling platform called blog (web log).  I was in college when I discovered that I could actually own a digital property where I can share my humble ideas to everyone. From Tabulas and Multiply to Blogspot and WordPress, I self-studied, created accounts and did a lot of trial-and-error. Like a kid doing a science experiment, I spent my free hours trying to figure out this “rocket science”, designing my page using free templates and typing my heart out!

I didn’t care if anyone was reading my posts. What mattered was my diary came back to life in digital form.

Decades later, writing an entry to my diary still sparks joy.  Little did I know that my childhood recreation would someday turn into a stress-busting, income-generating enterprise. Aside from that indescribable inner fulfillment it brings me, blogging comes with other rewards. Here are some of them:

#1 Blogging serves as my creative outlet

Creative arts or expressive activities contribute to promoting our mental and physical health.  According to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, “creative engagement can decrease anxiety, stress, and mood disturbances.” 

I’m thankful that I found my creative outlet in expressive writing or blogging.  As much as others enjoy painting, playing musical instruments or baking, I take pleasure in weaving words.  Whether it is for my personal journaling or for a collab with a brand, I take delight in composing written content (oftentimes with photo or video) that summarizes my ideas, views, and learnings.  It’s liberating, relaxing and therapeutic to let those words out for a purpose.

#2 Blogging inspired me to start my content writing business

Even when I was still a full-time Communications practitioner in the corporate world, I knew that I wasn’t cut out for climbing the corporate ladder.  While others were enjoying promotion and looking forward to every salary raise, I felt like an alien forcing myself to be a productive human from 8am-5pm.  I felt like I was at the wrong place, but complaining would only make me a terrible employee. 

Don’t get me wrong. No regrets in working in the corporate world for more than 10 years! Those precious years equipped me with experiences, skills, learnings, and yes, even connections that helped me begin my own enterprise. It’s just that I knew that I wasn’t meant for long-term full-time employment.

My yearning to build my own empire became even stronger when I became a mother. After giving birth to our daughter, my blog included posts about brands that I trusted as a first-time mom. Then, my Eureka moment came. If I can write blog posts for various brands, why not offer my writing service to various companies?  So, I started my content writing business, NGS Content Creator

Thanks to technology! We now have income opportunities even if we’re just at home.

As we don’t have household help, having my own writing business is the best work set-up for me because it:

  • allows me to work on a flexible schedule
  • allows me to earn even if I have to stay at home
  • expands my income opportunities

#3 Blogging helps me gain clients

My blog was like an airplane that transported my write-ups to different parts of the world. After sharing my blog to international online communities of bloggers (specifically in the parenting niche) and authority websites, I slowly built some professional connections that helped boost my credibility as a writer.

Submitting my writing portfolio and blog to various international digital platforms opened opportunities for me to promote and offer my content writing service to reputable companies and agencies in the Philippines and other countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Australia.

#4 Blogging helps me earn additional income

For me, blogging is a fun and convenient side gig that allows me to earn extra income at my own pace.

I knew from the start that one can make money out of blogging, but since I’m a “helperless” working mom, I hardly have the time (and energy) to strategize and work on monetizing my blog. Unlike other veteran bloggers who have made blogging a full-time career, I must be honest that  I haven’t fully maximized my blog yet. I have yet to spend time working on affiliate marketing and advertising.

However, I am still thankful for the “bonuses” that are fruits of my blogging. During the early years of my blog, I was already so happy whenever I got free baby products or gift certificates and vouchers in exchange of my blog posts. Eventually, I was given the chance to gain additional income through writing paid/sponsored blog posts and social media contents.

It is a blessing for me, especially during the pandemic, because it allows me to earn extra income without leaving the house.

#5 Blogging helps promote my advocacies

The primary objective of my blog is to bring encouragement to other young parents like me who juggle family life with career or business, homemaking, self-care, and many other things.  My blog allows me to share my experiences, views and learnings on how to be a well-rounded parent despite the many challenges of parenthood. Likewise, having my own digital platform gave me the opportunity to share to the world my values as a Catholic, as a Christian. It also has become a platform for promoting causes that I strongly support like taking care of our mental health and protection of families.

#6 Blogging keeps my skills updated

As a blogger/content creator, I am grateful for opportunities to work with some brands and PR agencies for their influencer marketing campaigns. Being part of these campaigns challenged me to always keep my skills updated—from content writing to photography, video editing and social media marketing.  It’s like I’m back to being a Communications student again, but this time, I get to develop and hone digital skills on my own.

#7 Blogging widens my network

In any enterprise, a connected community of professionals is very important. As a content writer, I get clients mostly through referrals from my contacts in the creative industry or from other fields.  Blogging helped widen my professional network. 

Through collaborations with brands and participation in blogging events and online communities, I met (or e-meet) marketing teams, PR professionals, entrepreneurs, established influencers, budding content creators, media practitioners, resource speakers, authors, and many more.  This professional network has helped me gain not just clients but also mentors who are willing to share their knowledge related to the industry.

To be honest, I was content and happy with blogging as a hobby, but now I’m also thankful that this favorite hobby of mine turned into a craft that provides additional income on days I least expect it. 😊

Most of all, I am thankful that blogging gave me an opportunity to use my talent and skills in contributing contents that hopefully will provide information and inspiration to others. 

If writing is also your passion and skill, I hope my story will somehow inspire you to explore blogging or content creation. It’s not a quick and easy way to earn money. It’s also not a passport to stardom.  But getting some benefits out of continually doing what you love and what you are good at is certainly worth your time and effort.

Keep writing from your heart, fellow writers! 😉

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  1. Monch Weller says:

    It’s good that you find benefit in blogging after some years in it! 🙂 Most bloggers I see nowadays are just in it for the money, as seen in their strategies. They’re not connecting with people, but mostly aiming for the follower count. Quantity becomes the name of the game and not quality, which is sad.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. GLS says:

      That’s the sad reality. It’s disheartening when bloggers, brands, PR agencies or readers value follower count and number of likes more than the quality of the post or the main message of the blogger. Bloggers like us should relive our purpose, which is primarily to inform and inspire. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks inspired us and your story is so nice

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GLS says:

      Wishing you the best too in your chosen field! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. lgopinath says:

    Nice inspiring article especially for a new blogger like me
    I agree that it gives an outlet to your creative instincts
    My site is https://travel-along.in/
    You may visit and give suggestions if you like


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