Our very own kiddie Summer Household Chores Workshop at Home

It’s summertime again! 🌞

Because we can’t go out for a beach getaway yet, we had to think of ways to keep little Tash entertained at home. So we decided to give her a Summer Household Chores Workshop! 😆

Remember those days when we enrolled the kids to various face-to-face summer workshops and classes: ballet, swimming, role play workshops, kiddie “on-the-job” training, and many more! Oh yes, I miss those days too. But because we have to stay at home for now, let’s make use of what we have, shall we? 😎

Since April, Tash has been busy with her chores training. And who’s the best mentor/trainer for that? Of course, Mommy! 😆

I didn’t expect her to enjoy doing chores this much. I thought she wouldn’t like it. For us adults, chores may be a draining and exhausting or “nakakatamad”, but doing household chores is something new and exciting for the little ones.

It’s a challenge.

It’s an adventure.

Just like adults, children find fulfillment when they know their purpose, when they’re given responsibilities. “I can do it, Mom,” Tash says with much confidence.

Of course, she still makes the counter super wet when helping me wash the dishes. She spills the dirt whenever she tries to put new ones in the dustpan. But it’s OK! One baby step towards being a big responsible girl at a time! 👣

So, say hello to my cutest happy helper/intern at home! Pray with me that she retains her positive attitude when doing her fair share of duties. 😉

Watch her video.

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