5 Absolutely Free Online Video Games for Titas and Moms

I’m no gamer, but I occasionally played quite a few video games when I was still a carefree bachelorette (circa 1990s-2014). From Battle City and Super Mario to Plants vs Zombies and Diner Dash, I enjoyed playing games at home as a way to relax at the end of a long day at school or work. Ages ago, playing video games was one of the things that brought the much needed variety and youthful thrill to my single life.

Fast forward to my awesome years of motherhood! Child care, homemaking and family life brought out the best in me, yet swallowed my extra hours for playing video games et al. 😝 Not complaining; just stating facts! It seemed like my waking hours are just enough (or not) for work and mommy duties.

However, with the many constraints brought by the pandemic, my mind has been craving for the variety and youthful thrill (of course, the legal and moral ones) I used to enjoy in my bachelorette life.

So though it’s hard to insert “me time” in the picture, I try my best to spend time for activities reminiscent of good old carefree days—and one of these is playing video games! 🎮

Fighting the quarantine boredom/fatigue with online games

Since the quarantine puts a limit on the recreational activities we can enjoy, I reignited my love for playing video games. Why not? It’s something that can be done without the mask on. Besides, everything that summons the happy hormones is more than welcome during a pandemic. 😉

When the little girl is asleep, I try to squeeze in a few minutes of play time. 😆 Mommy is the original fan of Power Puff!

Absolutely free!

Do I spend for my online games? Of course not! The practical mom that I am, I choose FREE games online!

I’m super happy to discover a site where I can play free online video games whenever I want to! Check out Plays.org. It is a digital library of online games which can quickly be played from the browser.  What I like most about it is that it doesn’t require me to download and pay for an app just to play a game. It also doesn’t require me to register or set up a user account.

No strings attached! 🙆‍♀️ I can just visit the website only when I feel like playing video games. Plus, I don’t have to pay for an upgrade just to proceed to Level 2 of the game I’m playing.

My Favorite Online Video Games

So what’s on my PLAYlist? Sharing with you the free games I play when my daughter is asleep a.k.a my “me time”.

Note: If you are a certified/veteran/ultimate/professional/expert-level gaming enthusiast, this post is definitely not for you. This is, without a doubt, a TITA PLAYlist.

Tap Supermarket

I love this game because it strengthen my reflexes and helps me improve my reaction time while having fun. What I have to do is quickly check out customers at the register, keep the store stocked with goods, and expand the store’s inventory line.

Play here.

Pac Rat

This is a modern and playful remake inspired by the hit arcade classic Pac Man. All you need to do is eat the cheese and avoid the cats. So nostalgic!

Play here.

Power Puff Girls Games

Fighting crime, trying to save the world! My daughter just loves the Power Puff Girls, and so does her Momma. 😍 There are several Power Puff Girls games on Play.org, but my favorite is Power Puff Girls: Panic in Townsville. Fly around the city and protect citizenry from monsters and incoming comets and meteorites. It’s a game that both adults and kids will love.

Play here.

Super Frog Platforming Game

The popular Super Mario game was also part of my childhood. That’s why I enjoyed this horizontal scrolling platform game inspired by Super Mario Bros. The goal is to avoid enemies or land on them while collecting fruit on your way to the cup at the end of each stage.

Play here.

Defense Battle

Plants vs Zombies is one of my favorite video games. Glad I found this free online game that’s similar to it. Defense Battle is a 9-level row defense game which was inspired by the Plants vs Zombies series. Players can lay energy generating stations, blocking rocks, and fighters with close attack or range attack. Enemies come in waves.

Play here.

Hope you also find time to fight the pandemic boredom and fatigue with these fun and free online video games. Of course, remember to play in moderation! Anything in excess will simply multiply the piles of work and dishes waiting for us. 😉

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