How To Calm Your Children During A Long House Move

Moving house may seem one of the most exciting moments of family life. It’s a single step to moving from one chapter to another of the story. But the truth is, house moves can actually be overwhelming because, even if we spend most of our time at work, our homes are the anchor point we use for living. They keep us attached to an area, a group of people, a set of opportunities, and a way of life. For that reason, moving to a new home can feel like picking up and putting down your life orbit somewhere else.

If it’s intense for adults, then it’s not surprising how tough it might be for a child to adapt to this new normal, even with the smoothest plans and the best removalists there to help you.

In this post, you’ll find some tips on how you can calm your children during that long house move:

Take The Trip In Stages

It’s a good idea to take the trip in stages to the degree that you can. This might mean stopping over in a hotel at night if you have a long way to go. This way, you may only need to drive for around six hours a day with a break in between, instead of doing the entire 20 hour trip in two days. This way, your children avoid feeling burnt out, and are given the chance for better sleep and refreshments.

Introduce Them To The New Home

If possible, it’s smart to introduce your children to the new home they may be part of. That can involve heading on a flight over just as you start confirming the transition of the deed in order to inspect the rooms, show your child’s new bedroom (or the basic, non-decorated version of it), and the local area. This way, when you drive with all of your possessions in town and some carried by a removalist service, they can feel excited to return rather than feel apprehensive about their new experience.

Make A Day Of It

Making a day of the move can be a confident way of helping them feel excited about the affair, rather than nervous. Perhaps you can visit a fun cafe along the way, visit a relative, or even visit a landmark when arriving in the new area. A nice picnic on the way could also help you resolve some of the stress from driving. Having a couple of movies in the vehicles could also help them remain entertained. And of course, allowing them to sleep a good portion of the journey also helps. This way, the trip feels less out of sorts and more enjoyable from start to finish.

With these tips, I hope you’ll be able to calm your children, even during a long house move. Congratulations on your new home!

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