Reduce your time to fall asleep with Vicks Zzzquil Natura Sleep

Getting enough quality sleep at night is one of the ways to achieve good health. However, not everyone is blessed with the ability to effortlessly fall asleep.

Here’s a yummy gummy that can help you travel to dreamland quickly! Vicks #ZzzQuil Natura Sleep!

This new hero of the night contains MELATONIN and a blend of botanical extracts such as chamomile, lavender, valerian root, and lemon balm.

With proper diet and healthy lifestyle, Vicks #ZzzQuil Natura Sleep can help you easily fall asleep at night. 2 servings of gummy contains 1.6 mg melatonin. When taken close to bedtime, 1 mg melatonin may help reduce the time to fall asleep.

Each gummy in Wildberry Vanilla flavor can be taken without water.

Zzzquil Natura Sleep is available at Mercury Drugstore and Watsons nationwide for ₱479 SRP for 24 gummies or ₱879 SRP for 48 gummies.

Learn more about it at ZzzQuill PH Facebook page.

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