Family Movie Night at Home with LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector

One of our favorite “family time” activities is watching movies at home.  For more than 2 years now, we haven’t gone to the real cinema with our little girl. Since she was still a toddler when the pandemic began, Tash hasn’t been to a movie theater yet. But because Novo and I are both movie lovers, we want our daughter to experience the joy of watching movies as a family.

To give Tash the closest possible experience to entering a movie house, we started our “movie nights” at home—lights off, with popcorn and favorite drink! Of course, we just made the most of our good old TV and its built-in speaker.

Now that Tash is 5 years old, we decided to take her “movie experience” up a notch by using the LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector.  This all-in-one projector provides an ultimate watching experience through its Netflix and Youtube features, as well as quality built-in speakers.

Popcorn + a nice movie + quality time with Mommy and Daddy = Tashy’s Best Day Ever

From stunning visuals to cinematic surround sound, LUMOS RAY is a complete home cinema essential.

Provides high-quality audio and video

Who would’ve thought that our little bedroom can turn into a cinema on Saturday night? 🥰

I was impressed how the LUMOS RAY projector makes the colors more vivid inside the dark room because of its Bright 3000 Lumens. The visuals are not grainy or washed out. It has 720p HD clear resolution, which provides Great Visual Clarity (1080p Blu-Ray Support). Plus, its Short Throw (1.3:1) feature makes it an ideal projector to be used inside smaller bedrooms. Around a 3m distance can project an impressive 100-inch screen, and can be maximized up to 150-inch screen, depending on the distance from the wall.

Next-level Netflix watching 👀
Family movie time isn’t complete without Tashy’s favorite popcorn

And of course, what’s a good movie without a sound? What I like about LUMOS RAY is it has an inbuilt Dolby Audio, which ensures a good cinematic surround sound that is powerful enough by itself. No need to worry about buying speakers just to enjoy a good movie at home.

Easy to operate

LUMOS RAY Projector comes with remote control and a set of cables (in case you want to connect to a computer)

I am not a techy kind of person, so whenever my husband isn’t around, I usually don’t want to deal with any of our tech things at home, especially if it involves too many buttons to click and cables to plug. Haha! So I’m really thankful that the LUMOS RAY projector is a plug-and-play technology. I can use it even if hubby isn’t home yet.

LUMOS RAY has a wireless mirror casting. Simply open the inbuilt Air Screen app and connect via Wi-Fi to mirror your smartphone. So even if you’re a not-so-techy person like me, you can conveniently operate this projector to watch a movie, play mobile games, use Spotify, or even Zoom call over a huge screen.

Connects to Netflix + YouTube

Super excited Daddy and Tashy while waiting for the movie to start

Another thing we love about LUMOS RAY projector is it can be conveniently connected to our Netflix and Youtube accounts. Unlike the traditional projector, LUMOS RAY is smart and has its own inbuilt Android operating system which makes it literally plug and play. So it’s just like watching Netflix or Youtube using our gadgets, but this time everything’s right there on that big white space in our bedroom.

Looks elegant

Portable projector with a stylish look

Unlike other projectors that have many cables attached to it, this wireless projector isn’t an eyesore at home. Its minimalistic and sleek look is perfect for any modern room.

Portable projector you can bring anywhere

Fits in a backpack

It’s not just a home cinema projector. It can be a projector for a hotel cinema, resort cinema, office cinema, glamping cinema. LUMOS RAY is so portable that it can fit inside a backpack. We can take it wherever we want to go as long as there’s electricity and a big white wall.

Made by a trusted brand

LUMOS is Singapore and Malaysia’s #1 Home Cinema brand. Since its launch in the Philippines, the LUMOS brand has received many satisfied user reviews on its website with hundreds of 5-star reviews showing actual faces, photos & videos. Now, that’s not fake news.

Affordable investment for the family’s recreation

Movie time with the Fluffies on the bed 😆

The best part of LUMOS RAY projector for a practical ilaw ng tahanan like me is its affordability. I’m sure all practical parents out there can relate. Before we shell out cash for any appliance/gadget, we do the Math, right? 😄

The LUMOS RAY is priced at only ₱8,999, and RAY Smart costs ₱11,999 with 1-year local warranty. For a long-term quality home cinema experience, it’s worth the price.

Movie ticket price in cinemas today: ₱320 x 3 persons = ₱960 per movie for our family. If we watch twice a month, that’s ₱23,040 for one whole year of movie watching!

With LUMOS RAY home cinema projector, we can watch as many times as we want to for as long as our LUMOS RAY is in good working condition. Definitely, worth the money!

Team Serrano Movie Time with LUMOS RAY Projector

Get your family a LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector now. It is available for purchase directly from LUMOS Projector via

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