Elements at Eton Centris

After having decided to book our caterer Richgold Weddings, looking for the reception venue was next on our list.  To make our wedding preps easier, we decided to select venues where Richgold Weddings is an accredited caterer.  Our reception venue options were Elements at Centris in Quezon City, The Glass Garden in Pasig, Le Pavillion in Pasay and Le Parc in Pasay.

Considering that most of our guests were based in Quezon City, we chose to hold our reception at Elements.  Located in Eton Centris in Quezon City,  Elements consists of two air-conditioned modern white tent halls.  We booked the Prosperity Hall, which can accommodate up to 350 guests (Our guest list ballooned to 270).

What I like about Elements reception venue is it’s spacious and clean to look at since it’s a white space. Plus, it has a high ceiling, which I really wanted for our reception venue.  It also has simple chandeliers as accent and FREE elegant ceiling drapings! 🙂  Elements at Centris also has its own bridal suite where the couple can freshen up and eat before the program.

Four hours use of the Prosperity Hall amounts to Php 55,000 (Our event day fell on a weekend and a lean month).

Below is Element’s price list as of 2015:





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