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Since I worked as a part-time wedding coordinator when I was 22, I had the opportunity to learn about different suppliers in the wedding industry even before I got engaged.  One of my “dream” suppliers was the burgeoning caterer Richgold Weddings.  What made me interested in Richgold was the elegant and modern event styling on top of the quality catering.  So when I got engaged, I knew it was my chance to inquire from my dream caterer.  With fingers crossed that the cost of their wedding reception package wasn’t over our wedding budget, I immediately asked a quote from Richgold.

I got a fast response through email from one of their account managers, Mr. Jed Ng, who invited us right away to a food tasting/initial meeting. Fortunately, my bubbly fiancé liked the food and the event styling photos presented to us by Jed.  And what’s more exciting was that the wedding package offered to us was not beyond our budget. 🙂

What’s great about Richgold’s wedding package was it included a wide variety of food, some freebies and a basic event set-up that looked very much upgraded to me.  For instance, I had always wanted crystal chairs / glass chairs / ghost chairs for our guests. I knew, however, that most caterers provide only either Monobloc chairs or Tiffany chairs as part of their basic package and that upgrading to crystal chairs typically means additional cost.  So I was so happy when we were told that the basic event set-up of Richgold included use of crystal chairs for guests!

RichGold Weddings offers clients several elegant designs to choose from.  Our basic reception set-up also included a classy couple’s area.

richgold weddings, caterer philippines

Elements at Centris

Thanks to Richgold’s cost-effective basic wedding package for making it possible for us to achieve a classy look for our wedding reception without spending a lot.

Coincidentally, the owner of Richgold Weddings, Mr. Philip Encarnacion was a client of my fiancé in the bank he’s working for. So Sir Philip was there on our wedding day, and he really made sure that everything on the catering side went well. Excellent service! 🙂

Richgold Wedding Packages include

  • Venue set-up following event colour motif with complete table setting (plates, drinking glasses, cutleries, and table numbers)
  • Wide variation of set or buffet menu to choose from
  • Lighted buffet tables with chandelier
  • Cake, gifts, and registration tables
  • Centrepieces for the guest tables and VIP table
  • Red carpet
  • Styled setup for the program area/couple’s area
  • A bottle of wine for toasting
  • Plated service for the presidential table
  • Banquet service staff to assist your needs
  • Wishing tree for messages
  • Crystal chairs

Our freebies

  • Mobile bar
  • Candy and cookie bar
  • Wedding cake
Richgold Weddings catering
The design of our wedding cake matched our “Wedding Concert” themed reception.  This is just one of the many pretty cake designs offered by RichGold.
The Principal Sponsor’s table
See that crystal chair of the guest behind me?  It’s part of the basic catering package of RichGold Weddings.


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