Nursing / Breastfeeding Room of Trinoma Mall

Finding a clean and private place for nursing / expressing milk is a major concern for any breastfeeding mother.  In the Philippines, it is still uncommon to find a nursing room / lactation area / breastfeeding station in public places like malls and corporate offices. Hence, while I was walking around Trinoma mall, and felt the need to express milk, I was delighted to find out that the mall has a dedicated room for breastfeeding / expressing milk.  Since it offered me great convenience at the time I needed it most, this facility of Trinoma mall deserves a space in my blog. 😊

The huge and clean breastfeeding / lactation room of Trinoma can be found inside the Family Lounge at Level 3 of the mall.  While the other amenities in the Family Lounge are exclusive for VIPinoy and BPI Amore Visa credit cardholders, the nursing room can be used by every breastfeeding mother free of charge. 😊


The nursing room has 3 private cubicles and a huge sofa.

Each cubicle has a comfortable seat, a foot rest, and an electrical outlet where mommies can connect their electronic breast pumps.


The nursing room is strategically located next to the washroom, where moms can easily freshen up after breastfeeding. There is also a diaper changing station inside the nursing room.


It is good to know that a famous mall like Trinoma already has such facility. So to my fellow breastfeeding Pinays, there’s a secure place to nurse our little ones (or use those breast pumps) even on shopping day.   #normalizebreastfeeding


Under the Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009, it is mandated that all health and non-health facilities, establishments, and institutions shall establish lactation stations.  The act also mandates that working mothers be granted lactation break intervals not less than a total of 40 minutes for every 8-hour working period.  It is the right of every lactating mother.  Spread the word.

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